Chronicles of Man is what we have termed an Open Source Science Fiction Universe. So what does “open source science fiction universe” mean? It means something that is driven by the community. Members of the community enjoy a unique relationship with the series creators. We give you an opportunity to submit, vote on, and decide what is canon or not canon. You have a chance to build the universe in your own way and create something truly unique. While we founders hold some special powers to make sure you all don’t decide to run off the road with the series, we want the community to actively be part of the development process.

In the coming months we will fully outline the submission process for canon work, and even making the roleplays you take part in canon. Until then, know that we are excited for you to join us, and we hope you have fun building in CoM.


Chronicles of Man is a unique, growing universe that is constantly evolving and developing. With a core-timeline that is progressing with the development of new stories, roleplaying groups, and the content the community creates, you can always expect to find new and exciting content. From detailed ship designs full of backstory and details – as well as an upcoming shipbuilder to help you develop your own – to a star catalog explaining the hundreds of star systems humanity inhabits, you can enjoy diving deeper and deeper into the universe.

More so, Chronicles of Man is all about you developing your own corner of the universe. Create a Star Nation. Talk with other users and help intertwine our own nations backstory with theirs. Create a vast continuity that is driven by your own creations and contributions. More so, take part in community events like roleplays, discussions, and meet-ups across the United States and even the globe. Share your personal stories and find a place not just in the universe but in the community behind it.


With a footprint in all your favorite locations, you can easily find Chronicles of Man in the places you love. Join us on DeviantArt or follow us on Twitter. Want to talk more openly with the community, join us on Discord or contact us on Skype. Send a message to the admin team if you want to join us!