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CoM Fireside Chats

Introducing CoM Fireside Chats – Second Saturday of Each Month! – 7PM EST.¬†Hosted on our Discord server, CoM Fireside chats are a new way for you to explore the CoM universe. Part of a live discussion, you can talk directly to the creators of CoM! We’ll host everything from universe discussions to artwork discussions. Get… [Read More]

Introducing “Becoming Canon”

Introducing “Becoming Canon” – The Official Pathway to Becoming Canon.¬† Becoming Canon is one of the biggest honors you can obtain in Chronicles of Man. It means your content has joined the pantheon of CoM’s lore. It can find its way into or influence other players stories, content, and games. We are very excited to… [Read More]

Introducing CoM Ranks!

Introducing Ranks to the Chronicles of Man site and Discord channel. Ranks are a new system we are implementing both to reward your progress, promote original content, and create a community of people who are crazy as the core team about universe building! These ranks will one of two ways. Automatically after you produce a… [Read More]

Week Two, New Members, and New Star Nations

First, thanks for an amazing first two weeks in our launch of Chronicles of Man. Everyone has been very active both on the forums and on Discord. If you haven’t joined us on Discord yet, I recommend downloading and joining the discussion. Lots of good questions being asked and great discussions being had. Everyone has… [Read More]

Discord Discussion 11/12/16 – 7:OOPM EST

Discord Discussion Series #1 Announcing our first Discord Discussion tonight at 11/12/16 – 7:00PM EST! As part of an on-going weekly series, we will be talking about various aspects of Chronicles of Man. This week has a few items on the docket: Introductions – learn about the team and what our goals are in the… [Read More]

Welcome to Chronicles of Man

Welcome to Chronicles of Man. This project has been a long time coming and we are excited to bring it to you today. While we are still very much in a growing stage and a lot of content will be added in the coming months, we wanted to open up our corner of the web… [Read More]