CoM in 2018 – Part 1

I’d like to spend the next few weeks looking to CoM in 2018. We’ve talked about this here and there, but this series of news posts will take a hard look at what the team is currently working on and how we hope to improve the user experience in the upcoming months. As part of our look into 2018 and the future of CoM, we are excited to introduce a few new ways for you to interact with CoM and enjoy CoM content and community:




Each of these will expand the content you get to follow on CoM. With these new content, we will look to help you more easily read up on news/upcoming changes and be part of the larger community. They will join our existing community events which will be part of the larger CoM community-centric focus in 2018. The existing ones include, of course:



In addition to our Discord presence and the popular fireside chats, these new events and tools will hopefully make it easier for you to enjoy, digest, and be a part of the CoM community no matter what your availability is. Furthermore, we will be rewarding members for participating in these various community events as we have with CoM|FIRESIDE. We hope you take the time to be a part of this new CoM content.


CoM NET will be our weekly news post highlighting topics from the Forum, user contributions, and news around the verse. We will include details about various projects we are working on, artwork that users have created, and articles that users have put together. We will also use this as an avenue to let you know about some of the other CoM stuff happening in verse. These will also – eventually – be our way of communicating the events of the live RP universe. You’ll be able to see the impact of your personal roleplays, the actions you take as part of the live RP universe, and become exposed to new events.


CoM|TALKS will be a new, weekly forum-series we will be using to discuss topics we chat about during CoM | FIRESIDE. These topics will allow us to extend the discussion and keep the topic alive. Hopefully, they will help members who were unable to join the Fireside chat to participate in the discussion and get their ideas out there, and we already have our first one up and running

This week’s CoM|TALK is on Transportation. Join the discussion here

CoM | TALKS are all about you having a chance to get your questions out there so that the CoM team can fine tune our articles and guides to fit the communities interests and thoughts. We also want to use these as a springboard for your own creativity where you can bounce your ideas off of other users (rather than just the few who are on Discord when you message in general). It will also be an excellent way to keep the forums active an interesting. 


With the success of CoM’s Fireside Chats (now CoM|FIRESIDE), we are looking to expand the audio content for CoM. CoM|LINK is CoM’s upcoming podcast series where we will dive into some interesting corners of the universe and answer some of the questions you all submit beforehand. We’ll also discuss some of the topics we have during the Fireside to provide a bit more structure to the discussion for you all to digest at work, home, or during your commute. 

CoM|LINK will introduce a few unique elements we can’t really do with CoM|FIRESIDE. With more focused content, we will be able to give a more clear explanation of our vision and the universe as a whole. 

As part of the CoM|LINK we will be doing a series known as CoM|CALL.  CoM|CALL will look to bring the life experiences and professional expertise of our community contributors and others in hopes of providing a unique view on their job experience and perspectives to help inspire content. From users with backgrounds in medical technology, political science, and law enforcement (to name only a few), there is a wealth of information out there we aren’t tapping into. With CoM|CALL we hope to be able to provide something truly informative to the community.

Continuing the spirit of community-driven information, CoM | LINK will also include discussions on specific technologies, history in the universe, and nations. Users will be invited to discuss their canon nations and provide some background in their development to help inspire the rest of the community.

CoM | LINK will be coming in January 2018. 



In the next part of CoM in 2018 we will discuss:

Nation Point System

Corporation Point System

Organization Point System

Website Changes

CoM Map Update

CoM Swag