CoM Fireside Chats – CoM Swag, Technomancy and the CoM Economy

Join us for the CoM’s 14th Fireside Chat Series – Saturday November 4th! – 7:30PM EST/12:30AM London Time/11:30AM GMTHosted on our Discord server, CoM Fireside chats are a way for you to explore the CoM universe. Part of a live discussion, you can talk directly to the creators of CoM! We’ll host everything from universe discussions to artwork discussions. Get more involved with the CoM community and join us on Discord and on the forums today!

November 4th’s Topics:

  • CoM Map Update – We’ll briefly discuss the map project, upcoming tools for you to use, and the upcoming release of the Map Poster Edition 1. 
  • CoM Swag in 2018 – Want some CoM Swag? How about custom designed mugs, shirts, and other swag? We’ll discuss interest in CoM Swag and getting you the products. 
  • The Technomancy Update – David and I will open the floor to those intereseted in learning more about Technomancy. Have questions? We can answer them. We’ll also talk about some of the upcoming adjustements to technomancy.
  • The Economy of CoM continued – We’ll open the floor to an open discussion about the CoM economy to include the following topic:
    • Economic Governing Bodies and Credit Ratings
    • Currency Exchange and Buying Power
    • The role of multi-national Companies
  • Improvements Coming to the Shipbuilder and the Vehiclebuilder – As I continue to add content to the shipbuilder, we will make sure to address some of the upcoming changes to the shipbuilder, and I’ll share my ideas about what we will be doing with the new vehicle builder project. 

We will add topics if there is interest in discussing things beyond what is listed above. If you have ideas for topics make sure to post them in the Fireside Chat forum!