CoM Fireside Chats – My Rifle and Beyond the Redline

Join us for the Second of CoM’s Fireside Chat Series – Saturday March 18! – 7PM EST/12AM GMTHosted on our Discord server, CoM Fireside chats are a new way for you to explore the CoM universe. Part of a live discussion, you can talk directly to the creators of CoM! We’ll host everything from universe discussions to artwork discussions. Get more involved with the CoM community and join us on Discord and on the forums today!

Tonight’s Topics:

  • Power Armor Part 2 – An open session Q&A about power armor in CoM to answer the questions you all have about how it works in the universe.
  • Small Arms in 3417 – Discuss the firearms of 3417. With a lot more flexibility than their spaceborne counterparts, options abound for the guns your soldiers, police, and swashbucklers carry around.
  • Soldier Tech – Beyond the firearm, soldiers will rely on all sorts of tech. Medical equipment. Sensors. Recon drones. Pack drones. Etc. We’ll touch on some of these topics. 
  • CoM Shipbuilder Beta 0.9 Tutorial – Learn more about CoM’s shipbuilder and how to use the tool to build ships for your Star Nation, Corporation, and Organizations!
  • Beyond the Red Line – CoM’s Group RP Adventure follows an eclectic fleet of humanity’s bravest (or craziest) on an adventure into the heart of our galaxy in hopes of finding a passage to the other side. Follow the fleet of the Human Continuity Project as they travel beyond the limits of the red line. 

We will add topics if there is interest in discussing things beyond what is listed above. If you have ideas for topics make sure to post them in the Fireside Chat forum!