CoM Sovereign wars is a brand new tabletop strategy game from the creators of Chronicles of Man and the Sovereign Wars foundation. Featuring fast-paced starship combat, players will get to select from four unique nations at launch – The Alliance, the Coalition, the Eirangardians, and the Isharans. With a rich and complex history behind these vast interstellar powers, players can explore unique events, play campaigns against one another where their fleets gain experience every battle or put together a skirmish to test their command prowess.





Chronicles of Man is an ever growing and expanding universe. With countless star nations, corporations, and organizations vying for power, the stars are a place of constant conflict on a small and large scale. Militaries try to reign in burgeoning pirate groups while corporations sneak in the shadows to get the edge up on their competitors. As the universe continues to develop, explore the evolving stories of these nations and learn about emerging heroes who will join the ranks of the game to give your fleet boosts. Read about new ship technologies and weapons developed by warring superpowers and competing corporations, then employ those weapons in your battle strategies. Fight in fleet engagements and skirmishes based on stories you read from around the site.

Learn more about the two starting nations below.


The Intersystem Alliance   –   The People’s Coalition



With a robust but easily learned game system, players of all table-top experience levels will be able to pick up and play CoM Sovereign Wars within a half hour of purchasing the game. However, mastering the game will take hours of practice and a careful study of your ships abilities, weapons, and attributes. Like a real fleet commander, you’ll need to know the crews you assign to your ships as well as the ships themselves all in order to direct your ships to victory.




Your favorite ships under your command.
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An innovative Command and Control allow players will be able to activate their ships in a very free form manner. This will give commanders the ability to activate any ship, provided they have orders on that ship to spend. In addition to the Command and Control system CoM Sovereign Wars will use a reaction system allowing the players to always be involved in the game. In addition to the Command and Control system uses a custom designed combat system called the Sovereign12 system that will make attacks and defenses complex but easy to understand.



The fun doesn’t stop with the tabletop game. With an online community full of world builders, artists, and roleplayers, CoM Sovereign Wars players can join enjoy more than just a tabletop game. They can be part of a community building a universe that is more than a sum of its individual members.