Coming Changes in 2017 and 2018

I thought it would be worthwhile to give you guys an update on CoM and the plans we have to close out 2017 and head into 2018. Lots of stuff is going on in the woodwork and you don’t necessarily always get the visibility you might like to have on what we are doing to make CoM more enjoyable and interactive for you. So I figured I’d take some time to update you all on what some of our priorities are, what is going on with the various universe projects, and what we need from you – the community – heading into 2018.


When I hired a lawyer to help in the process of trademarking Chronicles of Man (that’s right guys, CoM is trademarked!), one of the first questions I was asked was “What is your product?” It’s an important question about what we give you – the community. The answer was easy. Our service is a place for you to post your ideas, art, and stories. The site is at the core of the CoM platform, and thanks to Ryon’s hard work in the code, David’s hard work at helping add to the core content, and the rest of you all making amazing contributions to the universe it is running better than ever. So what is coming soon?

  • Redesigned Universe Page – The Universe Page is getting an overhaul to help you more easily search for content, see related content, and find content that you might enjoy. This will help make the Universe Page a place for you to actually find stuff rather than relying on links on Discord. Etc. We will be rolling this out in mid to late November and we can’t wait to show it off to you. 
    ETA November 2017
  •  Better Discord Integration – Discord is a great way to communicate, but recently its become a replacement rather than a supplement to the website. We will be moving a lot more of the content back to the website including discussions, questions, etc. To help make it easy for you to still get updates on the site and what is going on, we will be implementing tools that will make easy to see new content from the site on Discord. We hope to roll this out around the same time as the redesigned Universe Page.  
    ETA November 2017
  • A Redesigned User Experience – One of our big projects we are working towards is a complete rework of the user experience on the website. This will include a lot more automation of things I am doing by hand. We will also be implementing things that we’ve talked about in the past, like a point system for the content you submit and make canon as well as things to spend those points on like upgrades for your nations, corporations, and organizations. This huge project will be the focus of the CoM team heading into the new year and we are looking forward to bringing that to you.  
    ETA Early 2018
  • Other Tweaks and Improvements – We will be continuing to improve the sites overall functionality, tweaking and adding small elements that you’ve all asked for and others have mentioned. This will include easier access to help files and core content. We also plan on making the site more useful for new members to help them integrate into the community easier. All of this will be part of a platform relaunch next year that we look forward to making you all a part of. 
    Throughout 2018

The next year on the site is going to be a big one, and I hope you enjoy following the development as much as we are looking forward to bringing you some exciting new stuff for CoM. All of this will help make the community more enjoyable, accessible, and interactive than ever before and bring CoM from a world-building exercise into a true living universe. 


Another one of our well received and popular projects was the shipbuilder. With shipbuilder currently in version 0.9, we are expecting to release version 0.95 in the coming months. By the beginning of next year, we will finalize it and release version 1.0.  It’s a big milestone project that has taught me a lot about building a system as complex as it is. There is a lot of balancing features in place and we look forward to adding more content to it. 

After its release, we will begin the long process of incorporating it into the website as a standalone web application. This will add new features that the current version can’t, such as the ability to automatically create a starship page from your design. While this project is on the back burner, we hope to have it to you sometime this year. 

After the release of version 1.0, we are planning to begin work on a ground vehicle builder that will make it easier to create content in the same way the shipbuilder has, and we will continue to add to and build these tools to help you build content in the CoM Universe. 

Shipbuilder – ETA Early 2018

Shipbuilder Web App – Late 2018

Vehicle-builder – Late 2018


As part of our hope to bring CoM more into the world and give you a chance to own some swag from the Universe, we will be opening up a new store for you to order official CoM Apparel. Proceeds from this will be used to help support the website and future expansions and projects. Furthermore, we will continue to add cool content to these stores as well as the option to have content signed by the core team as “edition one” material.

The first of these products will be the CoM Map. A long-going project, the team has spent some time planning and organizing our plan to finish it up and provide you guys with a quality project to enjoy on your walls. All of these will be a numbered series and be marked with “Edition One.”  You will also have an option to have it signed by myself or another member of the CoM team. We look forward to bringing this to you this holiday season!

ETA December 2017 


One of the other big projects we are looking to bring you is CoM Sovereign Wars. One of the long goals of CoM has always been to provide a fun universe where people can enjoy content in a ton of various ways. The world building was where we started, but games have always been a goal. Last year we were lucky to have Joel join the team, and his work on CoM Sovereign Wars has been wonderful. The game was recently well received at Gen Con 2017 and we look forward to finalizing it in the coming months. 

By mid-2018 you can expect to have the opportunity to buy the starter kit via the GamesCrafter website. This early version will include two playable nations – the Alliance and the Coalition – with three ships per side. In the coming months and years, we will continue to expand Sovereign Wars content to include new ships, features, and expansion sets.

Eventually, we plan on making it possible for you to take your shipbuilder created ships and create your own cards for printing and playing in CoM Sovereign Wars. While these ships might not have the same quality in terms of card content, it will let you bring ships into the game from the universe that haven’t been released as part of our planned expansion sets.

ETA Mid 2018

I hope that you all are as excited for these upcoming plans. CoM will be doing more and more in the coming months and we will keep you informed along the way. We hope to see you all more active on the forums, with roleplays, and taking part in community events. 

And as always, I’m here to answer questions.