Discord Discussion 11/12/16 – 7:OOPM EST

Discord Discussion Series #1

Announcing our first Discord Discussion tonight at 11/12/16 – 7:00PM EST!

As part of an on-going weekly series, we will be talking about various aspects of Chronicles of Man. This week has a few items on the docket:

  • Introductions – learn about the team and what our goals are in the verse.
  • Q&A – Ask general questions about the series. Ever wondered what the average rifling pitch on an Alliance kinetic rifle is? Now you can ask! Teaser, there is no rifling pitch because it’s a rail gun.
  • Gaming – We’ll discuss games we all play and who would like to get together as a community to game together.

We hope you will join us and spend some time talking about the future of Chronicles of Man as well as spend some time picking the brain of myself and the other creators about any questions you have with respect to Chronicles of Man.

See you There!