CoM Fireside Chats – Ships Giveaway, CoM in 2018, Treaties and Alliances, and Forum Hot Topics

Join us for the CoM’s 17th Fireside Chat- Saturday, December 16th! – 7:30PM EST/12:30AM London Time/GMTHosted on our Discord server, CoM Fireside chats are a way for you to explore the CoM universe. Part of a live discussion, you can talk directly to the creators of CoM! We’ll host everything from universe discussions to artwork discussions. Get more involved with the CoM community and join us on Discord and on the forums today!

December 16th’s Topics:

  • Starship Prizes – We’ll be giving away some awesome starship prizes for you to take into 2018:
    • A Custom Painted Rapier and Ancile class for your Armada (by Josh)
    • A Custom Painted Syzygy and Lucid class for your Armada (by David)
    • A Custom designed Corvette by Josh
    • A Custom designed Corvette by David
  • CoM in 2018 – We’ll talk about some of the next big steps for CoM in 2018. From CoM|Net and CoM|Link to CoM Sovereign Wars, we’ll discuss some of the new and evolving ways CoM will be expanding in 2018 and how you will be able to enjoy it.
  • The Meeting of the Great Economies – Long overdue and greatly needed, the CoM nations will gather to discuss treaties, alliances, and economic deals amongst each other. Make the case with the Alliance, Threshold, Eirangardians, Isharans, and Empyreans and Coalition (if you dare) to gain the favor of the superpowers. Join together with other player nations to help resist the onslaught of the more hostile nations. Build the entangling alliances that will shape the CoM nation in the years to come.
  • Highlights from the Forum – To close out the chat, we’ll hit some of the major topics that have been popular on the forums over the last couple weeks. 

We will add topics if there is interest in discussing things beyond what is listed above. If you have ideas for topics make sure to post them in the Fireside Chat forum!