Thanks everyone for an awesome fireside chat about CoM, its future, and what you might enjoy. Given that this is our first broadcast, I hope you all enjoy the shrill of my voice a second time! As we move forward with our fireside chats, we will make these posts availabe for you to listen to and enjoy. Please provide any feedback on the Discord server or message me! From this session:

  • How do I expand the size of my star nation from beyond the starter region of a single sphere of influence?
  • What is the maximum size a player nation can achieve?
  • Why is their a limit at all?
  • What size of space are we playing in?
  • Are we going to expand it?
  • What things do you want to see in the community? On the website?
  • What things should be focused on?
  • What matters to you in the CoM universe?
  • What have you enjoyed and what would you like to see changed?