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    Beginner’s Guide to CoM

    How to Use the Site

    Welcome to CoM. If you’ve spent some time looking around the site before coming here, you will know that Chronicles of Man is a open source science fiction community. My name is Josheua and I am the series founder, and I would like to personally welcome to our site. Now that you’ve created a profile – and if you haven’t you should – you can start using our forums to communicate with the rest of the community.

    Welcome to the Verse is our section for introductions. Let people know about you and your plans in the universe. Share as much as you want or as little as you want. What we do want you to do is start making friends so that you can start building your story!

    After you’ve introduced yourself, get involved with the site.

    Your Profile


    Your Profile is your basecamp. Its the best way for you to access, view, and organize your content. When you visit you’ll be greeted to the main page.

    At the top is the website toolbar. This is your access to the major categories.
    Home is the main splash page for the site and is a great place to find highlighted content in the universe.
    Forum is your access to the websites forums. Find out more about that in “How to Use the Forums”
    Universe is your window into the world of Chronicles of Man. Use this to browse starships, nations, and everything else you can imagine in the universe.
    Profile has already been explained, but its your easy way to get back to your home.
    Stories is your way to discover the stories of Chronicles of Man. Get samples from books from CoM’s amazing authors that you can buy or read some of the free stories that the authors have made available here.

    On the left hand side of the screen you will see your stack.
    – At the top of the stack is your profile information. It includes your name, age, location, and your online status.
    – Beneath that is your stats. It records the nations, corporations, organizations and stories you’ve posted. General universe pages created in your “My Inventory” stats aren’t working right now. We will try to get that fixed by the end of Open Beta!
    – Next up is your friends list. This includes a list of all your friends. We will add pagination to that at the end of Open Beta.
    – Finally you have a member search bar. Here you can find people you know already who are part of the site and add them to your list. Leaving this field blank and clicking the search icon will give you a list of everyone on the site. Use this to find people who you meet on the forums.

    Just beneath the website toolbar you’ll see your profile image as well as your name and user category.
    – By clicking your profile image, you will be directed to a page where you can change your image. Please keep all image content G rated. If you submit any content that is rude, crude, etc. you will be banned from the site, no questions asked. Here you can also edit your profile name, brith date, etc.

    Beneath your profile image is your User toolbar. This is your access to the major portions of the site.
    – “Home” – Using this button will bring you back to your main page anywhere in your profile.
    – “My Nations” – This will direct to you a page with all your nations. Here you can visit their page to make edits or click submit a new nation to add a new nation to the universe.
    – “My Corporations” – This will direct to you a page with all your corporations. Add corporations here.
    – “My Factions” – This will direct to you a page with all your organizations. Add organizations here.
    – “My Inventory” – This will direct you to a page where you can view your inventory. Select form the drop down to filter which inventory items you are looking at. Add a new inventory items as well to expand the universe. Learn more about the “My Inventory” section here(link coming soon).
    – “My Stories” – This will direct to you to a page where you can submit stories, add stories, and edit your stories.
    – “Friends” – Here you can view your friends list. Ad Friends.
    – “Settings” – Use this to change your profile items. NOTE: If you want to change your profile name, date of birth, or any other initial information, click your user icon in order to edit that information.

    Chronicles of Man is all about building a universe together so introduce yourself here and get going. There is a whole galaxy to explore!


    Josheua Samuelson
    Chronicles of Man Creator

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