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    Black Eagle’s Security Services more commonly known as the Eagles is an Private Military Company in which services such as company security, police forces training, supplement of the military forces as well as personal security and the includsion of small scale conflicts when need. The company currently holds contracts with the Intersytem Alliances as well as providing planetary defence forces to The Republic of Venice and mining security for the Alltaari Democratic Confederacy as with countless smaller operations across human space. The Eagles contracts will take them any where preforming any number of roles all for that contract. The Eagles history is an long on starting of all the birth of humanities venter out to the birth of the Alliance, to the first cold war and now the second. With countless lesser chapters all adding to the company that has face death and bankruptcy countless times before and will more likely face them again in the coming years. All that can be said for sure about the Black Eagles is that they full filled there contracts to the letter.

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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