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    The Eagles history of is a colourful one, starting from the collapse of the Eosean Empire and the units of the 3rd Expeditionary fleet that fled into exile. To it establishment as one of the power players within the Akrian Hegemony private military sector. The Black Eagles throughout its history within the Hegemony have faced, collapse bankruptcy and change to a degree that those original members of the 3rd Expeditionary fleet would not recognize the company that stands before them. For the company, has proven on many occasions once the contract has been singed the Eagles will always fulfil. For the “CONTRACT IS ALL”.      

    Black Eagle’s Security Services, more commonly known as the Eagles, the company is a Private Military Company that offers a number of services in the field of security many in the from of direct military security though the use of military assets in order protect the employers property form attack in the form of trade route protection and personal protection and to a lesser degree the planning and executing of direct military action against competitors. The company currently holds contracts with the Intersytem Alliance, the Republic of VeniceAlltaari Democratic ConfederacyIonian League, Trillian Alliance, Astraus Imperium and Akrian Hegemony where the company is currently based. The contracts can and do take them anywhere, performing any number of roles all for the contract.

    4th Chairman Edward Templeman “The black eagles have no constant friends, only interests”

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