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    Black Eagle’s Security Services

    Black Eagle’s Security Services (BESS), more commonly known as the Eagles, is a Private Military Company that offers a number of services in the field of security form from of direct military to everyday security though the use an number of assets in order protect the employers property form attack for example trade route protection, personal protection and to a lesser degree the planning and executing of direct military action against. The contracts that the company holds provides an vast array of problems that need to be dealt with in number of different way. Because of this BESS units can be found though out human space performing any number of roles all for the contract. The company currently holds contracts with the Intersytem Alliance, the Alltaari Democratic ConfederacyIonian League, Trillian Alliance, Astraus Imperium and Akrian Hegemony where the company is currently based. Theses contracts can and do take them anywhere, performing any number of roles all for the contract. As such the company has placed great value in the field of logistics with BESS own collages like the Barca Collage of Military Science teaching not just BESS members, but officers from other nations in the multiple field such as logistics and rebuilding with many BESS creating my side companies and departments to take care of the varied situations that BESS could find.   

    In recent years the Black Eagles have come become an settled company with the colonizing of Templeman, originally an simple outpost for training. Has become an hub of trade that BESS is proud to call home. This has allowed BESSto expand to a far greater deal than every before. Becoming not just a hub of trade and Arkians but of all nations for BESS is welcoming to any that wish to serve the company and are looking for a better live in the service to the Contract.

    Currently BESS have no direct opponents but that could change at any moment with countless talk on Templemn of throwing off control by an company that only seems to care about money. For there is allso possibility of attack by corporations and nations which BESS went against all are possible, only time will tell if BESS survive.

    4th BESS Chairman Edward Templeman “The black eagles have no constant friends, only interests”

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