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    Its been a bit since my last update but we have made a lot of progress in the last few months. I am pleased to say that the game rules are what I like to call “Feature Complete”. What does the mean? Well the game is in a state now where are are just finishing up the game balance and applying the art so that we can start to think about getting to the print on demand publisher. I am also putting the final touches on the Beta Test document so that we can start having others test the game. Here are some bullet points on where we are now.

    The damage rules have been updates to make damage simpler to apply and track
    Weapon system have been given a more distinctive feel so that each weapon type feels unique
    Electronic Warfare rules have been completed and are intuitive to play
    Formation rules have been simplified to make formations easer to form and activate
    Card design has been build to allow for the whole card to be used to Track Damage, Shield and EW levels

    Overall the game has been streamlined to be able to play out of the box with no other implements similiar to other popular space combat games.

    3D Sculpting
    Sadly in order to get everything done before out deadline I have put all of the 3D Sculpting on hold. Once we get the box set completed and available the 3D models will be the next thing released

    Gencon 2017
    We are not officially registered to run events at Gencon 2017 in Indianapolis,IN. We have three events in the evening of Thursday,Friday and Saturday. I am also willing to do private demos if anyone is interested. Unless things change we will have three Prototype starter sets we will be using for these demonstration games. Below are links to the Gencon Events for this year. Hope to see you there!




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    Great work mate! I can’t wait to see more of the game. I’m looking forward to play testing it with local gaming shops! I hope everyone else does as well in order to spread the word and get more feedback!

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