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    High command

    Faceless are the Father’s Emissary. Rankless, genderless and unitary within their black masks and uniforms, the Faceless are those, who leads the Ethari military in frontlines of major campaigns. Their role within military is unspecific. They could overrule every decision made by any military officer or goverment official neverless his rank or position.  They could “withdraw” or appoint any member of the military into any rank and position. They are commissars, emissaries, commanders. They are the Father’s mouth and executioners.

    Faceless are highly capable technomancers and strongly augmented. More cyborgs than humans. Their numbers are unknown, as they are all the same. May be dozen, may be more.

    Joint Chiefs Staff of the Union

    Military command of Ethari Union, and military advisers to the Father.
    Members are ::

    • Fleet Admiral of Navy
    • High Marshall of Aerospace Forces
    • Field Marshall of Army
    • Marshall of the Frontier Navy
    • Director of Interim Security

    Joint Chiefs Staff of the Frontier Space

    Military command of the Frontier.

    The Frontier, more precisely the Frontier Worlds, are the planets under “protection” of the Elthari Union. These planets are under the more or less soft occupation of the Union’s military and administrative. They are not part of the Union, they are not rights as the worlds of the Union, and though the proforma they are a fully independent on the Union, the Union takes them as as its borderbound against the others. Their status has nothing to do with their development –  Bayran and Porterland are more developed and rich than some of Union worlds.
    This planets and systems have a some sort of independence, but they are hashed and depleted by the Union.  Proforma the Frontier worlds are protected under the “Pact of Friendship, Cooperation and Protection” (PFCP), which guaranties them a military protection, political independence, and economical cooperation with and within the Union, but in fact the PFCP is used as the matter of military occupation, political reprisals, and economical depletion of the Frontier worlds by the Union. Any rebellion against the Union is heavily punished. The Frontier Fleet, the “Protector of Frontier“, is in fact a shock navy for counterinsurgency in the Frontier Space, while Thanators ending the rebellions on the ground and filling the alleys by the hangmans’.

    Members are ::

    • Marshall of the Frontier Navy
    • Field Marshall of Frontier Enforcer Forces
    • Director of Frontier Security
    • Frontier Governor


    Thanators stays outside the Ethari military organization. Even the Faceless cannot interfere into Thanators organisation, decisions or operations. By other opinion of Intelligence, Faceless are the Thanators commanders. But noone except them really knows. (no, they are not)
    The only one to whom the Thanators are answering, is the Father. They could overtake the sector military forces, no matter of Union, or Frontier, when they are “cleaning” the mess. Their role within the Ethari forces is “Quick Reaction Force for the Time of National Emergency”. They are the fist of the Union, which acts as field court martial force. They are the prosecutors, judges and executioners in one person. They ends uprising, with all who resists. They are Armed Arm of Justice.

    Their numbers is about 50,000 headcount of the special forces grade trained technomancers in Quick Reaction Force, and more others in Thanators Fleet and Aerospace Forces. Basically they are army of their own.
    Thanator commander is unknown, except his title – Supreme Prosecutor General.

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