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    Wondering what everyone is thinking Re. Emergency Services. For the Federation, I will plan to do some work in the near future, but as a basic overview.

    Police – Human and AI (Android) Partnerships that can be moved up the ranks together. Each is loaded with Non-lethal Equipment, and rely upon Federal Army for Lethal support.

    Fire Service – Each Vehicle has a Crew of 3 humans and upto 12 Controlable Humanoid Drones. Each Vehicle is equipped with Hover systems and can fly at the pace of a modern cargo plane.

    Ambulance – All buildings are equipped with a small clinic that has a small single occupant ambulance that has only an AI navigator, one human doctor and one AI Diagnostic Program.

    Just interested in the types of Technology and systems that each nation might be using or offering for sale. Some Examples of the Tech might be an Expanding foam that hardens after a few minutes to contain criminals. This could be used in a Crowd Control situation to contain large groups.  


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    Each nation could handle this all very differently.

    What I have been imagining for Threshold is that there are local drones spread throughout populated areas that can respond very rapidly and begin assessing the situation, perhaps even putting down disturbances (e.g. tasers). These could be easily monitored and controlled by AI and human controllers, and could be pretty much everywhere, and relatively small. A drone the size of a modern smartphone would be suitable.

    They could perhaps even deliver live-saving drugs, synthethizing what is needed on the spot.

    Then human/android responders would show up within minutes to handle the situation.

    For emergency medical scenarios, if the individual owns personal transit that would make things easy. You don’t need a specialized ambulance, you just need a (air)car that can drive itself. The complication would come in getting yourself to the car and stabilization of your wound on the way.

    For fires, I imagine in-home/business fire suppression systems will be more than adequate.

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    You both have some interesting takes on it. 

    David, on the idea of your own air-car as an ambulance, while that is a novel concept you have to remember that part of what makes an ambulance great is you have two EMTs there to help deal with the situation. Now I imagine some wealthier citizens would have air cars that would provide a V.I. EMT to help deal with a medical condition. Of course, most citizens would still likely benefit from being hauled away in a specialized ambulance.

    I do like the idea of drones. Drones would be very effective tools and I also imagined them heavily involved in city management and response. Now, something as small as a phone sort of loses its utility though. Especially when you are talking about acting as an initial responder (the taser element or even initial medical treatment). I would think you would have “assessors” and “first responders.” The phone-sized drone would be great for being a floating camera and allow responders to plan attack en route. (Maybe that was what you had meant). 

    As for your ideas Flash. I like the idea of humanoid drones for fire service. I would go so far to say they are probably V.I. Very capable computers able to assess, calculate chances of success, etc. The human and A.I. firefighters would be relegated to coordinating the overall response and serving the role of a “fire chief” if you will. 

    As for your ambulance, I would say that having a doctor on board each of them sort of waiting is a bit much, but what you could do is have a remote operating station that a human or A.I. doctor can patch into and perform emergency response surgery as the patient is moved to the hospital. In that case, your EMTs would serve as on-scene nurses to aid the doctor in the response. 

    Police service is another good discussion point. A.I. and human pairs make a lot of sense in that they each would have very unique capabilities. That being said, it would rely on your police service receiving equal numbers of A.I. and human applicants (assuming your nation gives your A.I. choices). So there are some limitations on a rigid concept like that. Of course, you can flex it and say “most” are A.I. and human pairs. 

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    I would think the space required for an ambulance waiting would be a bit much, but remember, we could have ambulances that could move at hypersonic speeds, and accelerate and decelerate very, very quickly through the use of CMGs.

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    I do agree that having ambulances waiting around with doctors is a little wasteful. however you have to remember what the Federation uses for residential systems; Arcologies. Each Ambulance is essentially a small clinic that has wheel or float system based on its location that can move around. most of the drugs and medications can be synthesised by the AI and Doctor. so think of each ambulance as a small mobile clinic/Surgery. 

    For Fire, I was going to do a Squad like system one AI runs the 5-6 VI’s and provides the human’s information, due to the Emotional Quotient that humans bring to the table. 

    Police is the hardest one, while the federation does give choice, like many first world modern nations, it does provide some form of encouragement to enlist with a service to assist the government and people of the federation in day to day lives. 

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    In the Union, only high density population centers are protected by A.I. systems, but mostly in support role as monitoring systems.

    On the countryside all is covered by the voluntary manned services without A.I., despite the fact there A.I. makes sense more.

    But human touch is human touch and serving in the emergency services is impersonated as a venerable vocation and emergency workers are rewarded by the State higher than average. 

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    The idea of an law enforcement officer with an V.I android learning parter (that could be classed as A.I over time) i could see being standard issue within the Templeman Police Department (TPD), with the pure V.Is still an learning program being issued to Beat cops as a parter (human and AI) and acting as “cannon folder” (riot police or just general beat cop policing) or mobile services (C.S.U) but overall keeping the individual safer. For I do love Flashpoints idea of a system where both man and machine are able to rise though the ranks. But i can see the TPD’s limited number of A.Is being assigned to detectives as advisers mostly with the human as the lead officer (unless the A.I has gone though the service). With beat officers being equipped with hover bikes and cars (for pursuit) and ground based vehicles for regular patrol. Any heaver weaponry other than shock stick and side-arms the regular police can call upon the services of the TPD’s S.W.A.T teams.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLM-0qpB_ZY sorry had too for it one of the best example of man and machine within law enforcement

    Fire services upon Templeman I can see no major difference between that of anyone else’s with drones, V.I androids and human operators. Based upon an hover vehicle for Templeman is largely forested and as such forest fires are common meaning that with the largely unsettled areas of Template hover vehicles are a most.

    With ambulance services an system of fist responses (human or AI dose not matter) mounted on modified hover bikes with side cars, would be sent out first to stabilize the casualty where an hover bus would pick them up for transport to the hospital. Why bikes for the cost one bike is far cheaper than an ambulance and increases the effectiveness of the ambulances. 


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