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    The United Star Commonwealth

    So in the last Fireside Chat, I said id get this post up to give you all a better look at the USC at a glance as what I could put in chat at the time was a very limited and brief synopsis of the USC and what it is all about. The purpose of this thread is to give you guys a good idea to base your nations view on the USC from and for you guys to post proposals for agreements and to ask any other questions you may have. This way We all can get a good idea of how the CoM Verse sees the United Star Commonwealth.

    The United Star Commonwealth: Is a Federalised Commonwealth of planets first formed in the year 2582 on what is OOCly known as the western verge of known space boarding the Bravian Commonwealth coreward border. The term federalised commonwealth means that each planet is technically independent of each other however these independent worlds have agreed to adhere to the laws set forth by a multinational government body with a federal legislation set about by the leaders of worlds within the USC known as the World Council.

    Largely the Federal level government stays out of the world affairs, preferring a much more handoff (devolution of powers to the member worlds) approach to governing. Instead, the Federal government focuses much of its efforts on international politics and driving the Overall foreign policy of the USC. The USC is a very democratic nation upholding the right to vote and elect leaders on almost every government level as almost sacrosanct as well as upholding people’s individual freedoms in the highest regards.

    Citizens of the USC from a young age receive wetware implants (Neural implants that can be expanded and modified later on), as well as wetware implants USC citizens are paired with a Symbiote AI who’s Core, is built by nanites within the Citizens wetware implant. This affinity for nanotechnology also means that most citizens within the USC have some sort of level of power with Nanomancy (many only being able to use simple tricks but some are very powerful nanomancers)

    The practice of pairing every Citizen within the USC with an AI Symbiote also means the USC has some major developments in AI technologies, allowing them to produce very effective Virtual Intelligence’s as well as allowing them to miniaturise AI cores.

    The USC over the years have built up a highly automated and industrialised economic base meaning they focus on exporting industrial and consumer goods/electronics as well as civilian starships, the USC also has a rather large pharmaceutical sector.

    The USC navy has a heavy reliance on shields and EWAR so USC tech has progressed further in those areas atm. Meaning the USC builds ships that are more lightly armoured than similar classes of other nations preferring to use stronger shields and EWAR as well as greater speeds to beat its opponents.  This focus has meant that the USC has put considerable resources into progressing its EWAR and Shielding technologies

    The USC currently has a doctrine based around versatile Cruiser class vessels that make will eventually make up the mainstay of the USC fleet capable of defending the space it currently owns and even further. Being on the edge of known space also means the USC has put considerable resources into exploration vessels probably owning one of the largest state-owned exploration fleets within the Verse concentrating on exploring the Verge and the western galactic reaches beyond known space.

    The USC is very open to new relationships with foreign powers, however, its foreign policy means that if nations begin meddling in the USC’s affairs in a counterproductive manner to the USCs aims they will defend their interests and goals to the last (even going so far as resorting to armed conflict should the situation require it but generally that is the last resort.) So in essence If you come and talk to the USC we will greet you with a respect and a firm friendly handshake but if you try meddling in our agenda that firm handshake may turn into a pistol aimed at your face.

    So that’s the USC in a bit more detail if you want anymore my nation page is Canon in the Universe section with much more information. Also if you have any other questions or proposals please feel free to post below.

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    USC seems about what I had expected, but it doesn’t seem very Federal, more Confederal as it seems like the central government has very little power.

    I would also think you’d have more individuality in different sectors of the star nations with their general structure being so diverse.

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    @parthan they only have very little control because they dont actually choose to exert it the highest form of government is made up of the leaders of the largest worlds in the USC with others as observers until they reach a strict criteria.

    The federal constitution does allow them to do what they like internally but it makes more sense for the federal government to concentrate on foreign affairs and the colonies as the other world’s can largely look after themselves. 

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