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    The Star Kingdom of Persica is a constitutional monarchy with a strong executive office and bicameral legislature. It is a unitary state that is subdivided into ten duchies – though rarely referred to as such, each one an inhabited planet: Atramentar, Aesingar, Amaranth, Bridon, Cascadia, Celadon, Daxony, Nova Cambria, Orcadia, and the capital world of Persica. Persica’s current constitution, the Ravencrown Constitution, was ratified on 20 Aprilis 2953.

    Planetary governments are local versions of the realm government and are subdivided into regional Baronies, comprising the vast megapolitan areas of each major city; which are further subdivided into Districts, essentially large city-sized suburbs of each megapolis. Baronies are ruled by a hereditary noble, a Baron/Baroness, and Districts are administered by a Mayor who is elected from among the populous. As a unitary state, the Crown and Government delegates areas of authority to the planets. Areas of authority are based on the divisions of responsibility between the planetary and realm governments within the Ravencrown Constitution, and each planet thus has its own representative of the Crown, the Jaerl/Jaerla, who is subordinate to the head of planetary government, the Duke/Duchess.

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