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    Mwahaha, Nation number 2. The Hesukar Commonwealth is a more original nation than the Imperium. Built from the ground up the Commonwealth is something or a more hopeful nation with a dark history as opposed to something that is pretty and perfect. 

    Built from the tenets of a theocratic dictatorship, the Hesukar Commonwealth has grown into a true representative meritocracy. With a focus on the service to others and humanity itself, the Commonwealth would sooner add you as a ally, than as an enemy. But cross them, at they will not only reduce you to dust, they will heal your sick, rebuild your cities and make you look incompetent.

    For more information see: http://thechroniclesofman.com/nation/hesukar-commonwealth/

    BTW…. please let me know if you think I need to rework anything.

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