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    I have a few questions about things I’m working on for a possible military corporation.

    1)How miniaturized are MAG-Drives, as in, how small of a ship could they be attached to?

    2)Are A.I./E.I. common enough to be used in a ship pair? With one ship operated solely by humans, and the other by the A.I./E.I. with drone assistance.

    3)Would using metamaterials for powerful mass accelerators be within the technological level of CoM?

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    Good questions:

    1) The smallest warship with a MAG Drive would be a larger cutter, or a smaller Corvette, usually with a crew of 10-40 people.

    2) AI commonality is more dependent on your nation, but yes, they are very common if your nation allows them to be. This would be doable but has inherently drawbacks.
    Your specific setup would be odd, as it would require very different equipment setups unless the AI inhabit android bodies that could interface similarly to how humans do. This would overall be inefficient, unless you’re talking drastically different vessels – i.e. a Cruiser/Battlecruiser mothership with drone Cutters.

    3) If I’m understanding your question correctly, yes, we’d be using a lot of exotic and yet-to-be-developed materials.

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    Thank you for your response.
    1)Should have phrased that more specifically, I’m looking specifically for if it’s possible to mount one on a torpedo to increase its effective range.

    2)I was probably thinking too much about the limitations of the human body when it comes to G-forces. The original idea for the pair was a pair of fighters, so as to increase the number of fighters that can be fielded without increasing the number of human pilots that have to be trained. The Corvette/Frigate/Destroyer theory came from an anti-piracy perspective. As for the A.I. hardware, the ship’s CIC would be the A.I. core. the drones would be remotely controlled for maintenance purposes.

    3)The idea behind that is metamaterials can be made with a property known as Magnetic Reluctance, which allows the material to absorb and store magnetic energy, and also release it all at once. Interestingly enough, some metamaterials aren’t quite so yet-to-be-developed.

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    Hey Thomas:

    1. I wouldn’t expect to add those things to torpedoes. Mostly because a Torpedo with that range (cramming in a MAG drive) would greatly reduce is warhead size and overall effectiveness. Torpedoes are mostly used for in-system strikes at extended range. 
    2. One thing you need to start thinking like with A.I. – at least in the CoM universe – is don’t treat them like something expendable or artificial. A.I. in CoM rely on a physical core to exist. That core isn’t something that can easily be replicated and/or something where they can easily be “transmitted” around the battle space. A.I. are living things and if that ship they were on got destroyed, they are as dead as the humans on the other ship. Unless of course they get to their equivalent of “escape pods”

      The other thing to think about in terms of Drones – if they aren’t a.i. but just remote controlled – is that in the CoM era, E-War and Electronics Jamming is very advanced. Drones would run into issues of being hacked, etc. Now local networking – like between fighters – is something you could totally do. That isn’t as much an issue, but be wary of having “droid control ships” that are inherently at a disadvantage. 

    3. That is absolutely something that exists, but don’t think it gives you any super-strength in terms of capabilities. That is really just the “norm” when it comes to Magnetically Accelerated anything in CoM. In that case, you are talking about the concept of a magnetic “capacitor” which is absolutely a thing you could do. In fact most modern rail weapons in CoM work on these principles. So I invite you to use them and abuse them as you see fit. Also remember that you can use gravity assisted weapons as well which would use a gravitational field to fire their projectile at high speeds. 
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    Thank you for your response.
    1)The idea was along the lines of using the boost ability to increase the speed at which it would it would reach its target, and forgo the warhead entirely. Essentially change it from a massive, long-range guided bomb to a massive, long-range kinetic weapon. Using three sets of numbers, I can guesstimate the impact potential of a torpedo like this. If it ways 10,000 tons and can boost at .2 c cruise, it would hit with just under 18 zettajoules of force, or just under 43 terratons, which is entirely too much force, so I don’t think I’d use this, but on the other hand you now know what could be possible with your technology levels.
    2)I don’t like thinking A.I. are expendable. In this case, they are just more advantageous. An A.I. has a faster reaction time than a human and is far faster to train initially as it can process all footage of what it wants to learn and learn from that all well as be programmed for its purpose. The idea behind the fighter pair was it pairs a fighter with the A.I.’s reaction time to a fighter with the human factor. The A.I. is primarily the human’s wingman in this scenario, and I do actually see pilots seeing their wingman as their friend, A.I. or not.
    3)I didn’t think it would be more powerful, this style of capacitor doesn’t need any power to charge. It can be charged from a powerful permanent magnet, which allows for it to be used in stealth scenarios more readily than other weapons, as there is very little detectable charge and very small unpowered objects are quite hard to detect in space.

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