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    Who we are…

    The Nation of Free Men is a small and militaristic micro-nation located in the Wraith’s Den, a large stretch of space that connects the borders of the Intersystem Alliance, People’s Coalition, and Veridian Stratocracy. Its founder, renowned biomancer Kra’vos “Striker” Reeves, established the nation in 3390 with the help of dissenters, prisoners, and former inhabitants of worlds that rebelled from People’s Coalition control. The geographic location of the Nation of Free Men and the military reality of the small nation’s circumstances have promoted an approach to governance and conflict most akin to 17th century Earth piracy; even going so far as to adopt (with major alterations) the Articles of Edward Low and George Lowther in components of the Articles of the Free Men, the founding and binding document of the nation. The nation exists in a primarily nomadic state with a focus on raiding and capturing as a means of sustaining the nation. The Nation of Free Men frequently raids, boards, and attempts to capture cargo and non-military vessels travelling through the Wraith’s Den. Although the bordering nations have taken notice to the actions of raiders in recent years, a military escalation in the Wraith’s Den, which is considered a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the three nations, is feared to lead to increased hostilities. As a result substantial military action against the Nation of Free Men has yet to be undertaken.


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    Would love to see more about them! Get working you two. Chop Chop.

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