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    Hey guys,

    Question, is there some type of navigational deflector? The only reason I thought of this is because I was watching First Contact with the shoot out on the deflector scene. Now I don’t know if anyone has noticed but Starfleet ships are the only one’s that have them. No other starship whether BSG, Lost in Space or Andromeda has it. What’s CoM’s take on this?

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    Hey Derail, great question.

    While warping spacetime for FTL, anything in front of the ship is pulled around the ship, or the ship is thrust around larger objects, so FTL-collisions aren’t an issue. Obviously they want to calculate that they aren’t going to hit planets, but for smaller objects and debris, less so.

    Outside of FTL travel, nearly any should would have a degree of gravity shield to protect them.

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    To build off of David’s point, some of this simple shielding would follow the same sort of function of the deflector shield/deflector in star trek. While you might not need a projector like you have in Star Trek, you could still get a similar effect using a lower energy state for the ship’s FTL and/or the Ship’s Shields.

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    Ok thanks guys

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