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    Ive been toying around with the PC since for a very long time. Since 2012 at least. I posted a thread similar to this on the old forum, and I’d like to try and get some more input on the PC. 

    Perseid Confedracy


    Bundeskunzler: Tapfer Bartolmy

    Marshall: Aleskander Hirsch

    Chief Magistrate: Caroline Ginsberger

    4 houses popular: Bartolmy,  Kowalaweicz, Abolhassan, Feher
    4 houses industrial: Hirsch, Weber, Kohler, Lloyd
    4 houses commercial: Iravani, Yih-tsze, Maslanka, Demir

    Here’s a picture of my working map of the PC. The size of the Yellow circle indicates population. 

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    A Guterzug is a nomadic space station
    they move through their systems, and rarely, between systems, as resources deplete or new opportunities arise. They are often fairly small, usually have large, but basic drive sections attached to the hab sections. These drives are not often kept “hot”, to minimize maintenance. 
    This is an example of a guterzug set up for industry and shipfounding. This one has a population of about 50,000; comfortably, if densely housed. 
    Guterzug are affiliated with a patron house who will provide trade links and security for the station, in return for nominal taxes and allegiance.  That said guterzug inhabitants are usually more strongly personally attached to each other and their guterzug than the house with which it is affiliated. It is rare, but not unheard of, for a guterzug to switch house affiliations, either because of a perceived insult, or because the other house made a better offer.
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    Nieu Geneva and House Bartolmy

    Nieu Geneva, Seat of Bartolmy, and the only world with a terminus.
    Nieu Geneva is the longest inhabited of the worlds in the PC. Second in population to Iram, it is nevertheless considered the cultural heart of the confederation. This is in part due to it’s proximity to the only known Terminus in confederation space, but part due to it’s history. It is the second planet in from it’s primary, Romandy, a g-type yellow dwarf similar to Sol. However, it’s orbit is much further out than Terra’s. This results in a world that is habitable, but whose equatorial zones never grow warmer than temperate. There are no jungles on Nieu Geneva. This colder global climate is one of the primary reasons for it’s second status in terms of population.

    Nieu Geneva’s capital city, Beachhead, Is a planned, arcology-type city. The design process was started even as the colony ships left Sol, and the final placement and plan was settled on immediately upon arrival in the Romandy system. The new nation was originally planned to be primarily in the Romandy system, but the discovery of the much more hospitable and fertile Iram in the  Ubar system nearby put paid to that idea. The Nieu Geneva Parliament was originally planned to be the parliament for the entire nation. After the settlement of Iram, the current movable capital scheme was hit upon, leaving the massive parliament building to the planet of Nieu Geneva. That said, Beachhead still hosts the Magisterial Guild’s headquarters.


    House Bartolmy is acknowledged as the preeminent house of the confederation. Though it does not lead in wealth, industry, or population, it’s seat at the cultural heart of the PC, age, and strength and stability of alliances affords it vast political cachet. More Bundezkanslers have been appointed from this house, or at the behest of it, than any other.

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