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    Just working on my history a little and started to think about planetary invasions, in the modern setting we have available to us multiple systems to move both men and machinery, such as by sea on ships and by Air in Cargo or passenger Aircraft (Gulf War). In Scifi’s like Star Wars with ships that can apparently carry 16,000 Soldiers (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Acclamator-class_assault_ship) so getting 5 or 6 ships to invade gets a large number of soldiers on the ground rapidly. In COM, however, taking a more realistic approach to starships, the amount of Rapid Reaction Forces would be far smaller, and unless the Nation that is attacking has prepared huge amounts of men and materials, getting reinforcements would be quite a difficult feat. 

    My thinking would be that most nations would have almost a convoy system of civilian hauliers with the ability to be modified to carry troops and materials, waiting for the Combat Fleet to clear the battlespace, then jump in and drop all of their weight and return to a staging post. With this in mind, there would be a huge HUGE economical strain placed upon a nation if this system was used. 

    My query is what do you envision as the system that your nation might use to move large amounts of men and materials into a combat zone for the purpose of Planetary Invasion if it were required???



    Military Logistics is not the same as Civil Logistics the group that you are with do not think in the same why you think as you are thinking with a military mindset.The form dose not have enough numbers to give the probability of someone with the skills set  I hope I am wrong some good thinkers here which is strange that is why I come back to read. Only Military minds and Managers with a Logistic Background adaptable to situational requirements posses the knowledge. Military and civil organizations do not distribute this information. Know your enemy Know your self and you will win every Battle. But first you must know yourself before you can Know your enemy. Evaluate, Adapt, Overcome.You are friends with the moderator he can give you my contact email address I give this permission after the end of this year.2017 so long as he dose not put it on the forum. If you do the research you will have at least an understanding of the basic requirements your mind or thinking will also expand in most cases writers just make it up if they cannot find a quick fix. I could give you the information but you wold not have the ability to asses the sources and the time to do so.

    Most young people are hooked on the quick-fix of Star Wars Star Trek or any other SCI FI  Series

    I like SCI FI as it gives man the ability to think How can I GET THEIR How CAN IT BE DONE what Limits us on this WORLD.If you read history you will see that  it repeats itself.

    The important things are Have a Questing mind that asks and seeks logical answers.

    Seek from those that know but know what they are telling you is logical. If they can not tell you in simple terms they are not a teacher.So seek another and continue until you are satisfied.

    Have a nice day.

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    I think that Flashpoint’s point (pun intended?) is sort of missed in your reply Dustinian. I don’t think he is looking for a quick way or an easy way. Nor do I think he is relying on civilian logistics to do the military’s work. What I do think he is considering is using civilian ships to multiply the capability of his logistics forces, and if that is the case, its a solid idea Flashpoint.

    That being said, I think you have a bit of a misconception on CoM ships. Firstly, you could (and likely would) have a form of planetary assault ship or landing ship in CoM. All ships in CoM can enter the atmosphere (though they at risk because they can’t maneuver) thanks to anti-gravity technology. So Planetary assault ships would probably do the lions share of early logistics and establishing a logistics “beachhead” on the planet. That being said, after the initial push, civilian ships would do a phenomenal job supplementing this initial push. They wouldn’t necessarily drop their cargo quick and jump back. You’d still have off-loading, etc. The combat fleet would be providing security and such of course, but you could definitely use them effectively in convoy systems. 

    That being said, after the initial push, civilian ships would do a phenomenal job supplementing this initial push. They wouldn’t necessarily drop their cargo quick and jump back. You’d still have off-loading, etc. The combat fleet would be providing security and such of course, but you could definitely use them effectively in convoy systems. They would probably have military leadership or at least a military liaison on board, but your idea is sound overall. Heck, its what we did during WWII with the convoy system and the militarization of civilian ships into troop transports/cargo ships.

    The big thing to remember is that civilian ships aren’t going to have standardized refueling systems, be crewed by as well trained crew, or be as familiar with military practices/doctrine. They also won’t be as disciplined. So there will be some loss in efficiency that can only be made up for by moving large amounts of cargo/equipment/personnel. 

    Basically – don’t use civilian ships if you can use military transports; but if you do use civilian ships, use them in a big way.


    Also. Dustinian – please do not offer your e-mail address and contact outside of the site in forums. If you and a member wish to communicate in private and would like to exchange e-mails, you can. However, I would prefer not to do this on the forum.

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    what type of design requirements does the Alliance, Coalition and Kingdoms have for the Planetary Assault Ships? Hard question I know, just trying to gauge what type of systems might be good and what might be a hindrance to the various nations of COM.

    Also what size and scale would be appropriate for these Assault ships……I’m guessing a Dreadnought Sized one is kind of big, but a cruiser sized might be ok. 

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    In terms of having a large civilian fleet to support the military. There is an fact an number of suggestions that can be implemented. 

    1. Having a government freighter program that is part civilian part government ( Liberty ship and Victory ship as well as more modern programs) this program allows for the standardization of practices and design elements such as fulling and unloading, as well as being cheaper since most of the time the ships will be paying for them selves though trade activity.
    2. Having an National civilian sector register where in order to obtain the rights and privileges (i.e protection, right to trade, lower tax or even lower fuel) were all crew and ships (mostly form your nation) most have pass an exam similar to an able seaman exam (in order to be allowed to work on a starship, were “military related shipping advise and training can be given) and ship readiness test (which than can be place on a list for call up in times of war, if the ships is what is needed.) 
    3. For the needed leadership it could be recommanded aswell the recommand liaison to build up the navies reserves by directing recruitment towards that of that of the merchant marine, for even in times of war when most of them would be called up you still have the individuals that have “military training” and experience with frighteners and logistics (outside that of the normal military logistic corps). 
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    (finally found a little time to reply to this) 

    For myself and the USC I take my planetary invasion inspiration from WW2 Normandy Landings and just after. The USC Operates a Number of mobile Basing Platforms or small Shipyard and supply docks, capable of basing a fleet from in remote sectors of space when there isn’t a nearby orbital station to dock with. They have the capability to produce small craft and minor vessels (Corvette and smaller) as well as fabricate materials and components that are mined from asteroids and gas giants. 

    These mobile docks have a secondary purpose and that is to act as an orbital staging point for a planetary invasion. Once the fleets have established orbital supremacy or some sort of supremacy in a region of the planets orbit (if full supremacy cannot be achieved) one of the Mobile docks will jump in and take up position in orbit of the world. This then acts as a staging and supply point capable of producing its own drone atmospheric cargo craft to take supplies to the surface. To resupply troops on the ground, it also allows Commonwealth military transports to dock with ease as well as civilian freight due to a universal industrial docking mechanism that by law all cargo faring vessels produced in the Commonwealth are required to have fitted.

    However Civilian freight isn’t usually needed as the Commonwealth navy operates enough military transports to be able to keep a planetary invasion supplied or at least it feels it does.

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    I was thinking in relatively similar terms to both Josh and Hydro.
    Stages would be thus:

    1. Orbital Combat and Orbital Beachhead: Take out enemy defenses, local fleet forces, capture military stations. Gunships, corvettes, cutters, bombers, and fighters take out whatever planet-based defenses they can. Forces amass in orbit. They already know you’re coming.
    2. Assault from Orbit: Gunships and fighters support initial assault to establish a ground-based beachhead with raiding troops being dropped in close quarters by dropships, with progressively larger ships providing support until an Orbital Assault Ship – which I would think would be roughly cruiser-sized, perhaps Heavy Cruiser or even Battlecruiser sized can safely move in and provide support for a Shield-Camp and initial main-force offload.
    3. Invasion: Once a shield camp is set-up and ground taken, area behind the lines can support less heavily armed, more cargo/personnel-based military transport to bring in the bulk of the forces, equipment, and infrastructure. For prolonged engagements/sieges, this will likely include a ground-based shield generator, or the Orbital Assault Ship could even act as one themselves, landing.
      1. At this point, prolonged sieges will require supply runs, which would be conducted into the warzone by military transports, likely supplied by civilian ships at small space-stations; space docks, a space analog of an Expeditionary Mobile Base: Basically just a large hollow cargo/logistics ship that other ships dock alongside for cargo transfer. They might be in orbit, but they’d be in a distant orbit, not a close one.

    From here, we go into the discussion of “How do I actually assault a city/large military base.”

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