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    The Elthari Union (/’El-θ-æ-ri/) is an autocratic hegemony, located on borderland of the Bravian Commonwealth and the Kingdom of Eirangard. The Union consists twelve Elthari ruled worlds, and the “softly” occupied territories of Elrad, Darrion and Bayran. Even these three systems have an interpendent status and not de-jure part of the Union, the Elthari intelligence and security forces keeps these systems “in the line” and as the Elthari vassal frontiers to the nation enemies. Although the Elthari have a good relationship with their neighbors, the national doctrine determines Elrad, Darrion and Bayran as the buffer zone of the Union and as such they are internationally considered as the unrecognized part of the Elthari Union territory.

    Comprised of 12 worlds, the core worlds of the Elthari Union enjoys a high standard of living among a majority of its citizens, with the export based on the raw and unique material, hand in hand with the big base of the technological development and low-cost military capacity, used for the repair, refit, refurbish and maintenance of the military and civilian hardware business across the Verge.


    The name “Elthari” to describe the Eltharia, Bayran’s word for “Elder place”, refering probably the christianity Paradise. The first usage was earliest recorded in 2890 as Eirangard explorers found a one of lost Astrum Diaspora at the planet B-8R. The planet society was a highly technologicaly undeveloped and religiously based and hostile against the Eirangard’s explorers – which was perceived as heretics.

    The Eirangard monitored Bayran for another five years tried to found a reason why Bayran’s Astrum Diaspora Expedition failed and the population degraded to almost a middle age era, until 2896 when the research expedition got silence. The reason why was unknown until 2905, when the Kingdom of Eirangard, on their a regular control of the system, met Union’s Cruiser Mírotvůrce and the Union’s occupation administration over B-8R.

    Mírotvůrce was a former Threshold Cruiser Spartan, under command of Rear Admiral Cherkesov, defector of the Threshold Civil War, who found B-8R back in 2896 and destroyed the Eirangard research expedition and moreover, discovered something that Eirangard did not – a wreck of the Astrum Diaspora Expedition ship of the original colonists on the B-8R. Eltharia once again came to reality as the Elthari Union was established by 2902 at the planet B-7-1A, the original world, which should be colonised by the Astrum Diaspora expedition, which ended at B-8R.



    The Core is Elthari expression for the member planets of the Union. There is no geographical meaning of the expression, as the Union grow not the the “center” and the Eltharia, the Union’s capital, is not in the Core as well. All planets within “the Core” are  considered to be elite worlds of the Union, although some of them often do not reach the levels of the development of the Frontier world. Be the Core world allows the planet to choose their own planetary government and have representatives in the National Council.


    Eltharia is the Elthari Union capital world. The system is closed for any kind of the nonUnion traffic and personnel under a death penalty. The planet is home for the Father, leader of the Union, and the Council of Twelve. The capital planet itself is highly developed and technologically advanced, as their citizens have an access to all conceivable technologies and benefits provided by the Union.


    Tharey is the core system of the Elthari Union Navy. The Navy HQ, alongside the second biggest (as the dock for the Father’s Will is defacto shipyard) shipyards on the Union’s territory, is to find there. Tharey system are the heart and lungs of the Union’s ship production, not only military, but the civilian as well.


    Pathea system is the only one open system within Union to foreign citizens. The modern, rich, highly urban developed world is center to any possible business you can imagine. Anything from the fruit and grain, through slaves, to dreadnoughts, can be bought or sold on this planet. The Pathea Stock Guilds are protected from from the Union trade regulations and the laws, with the exception of Thanator intervention and Tax Administration control. However, as long as you pay taxes and duties, you will be able to sell your own child to slave-houses (even though the slavery in the Union is forbidden) or buy the nuclear warhead in a convenient 2 + 1 package within Christmas sales without any unnecessary questions or bureaucracy.


    Sanctor system is the only one system, which have a their own military, government, legislature, judicatory system, fully interdependent to Union, as well with their own Shipyard infrastructure. Sanctor is not answer anybody less than Father itself, not even the Council of Twelve.

    Sanctor planet is homeland of the Thanators, interdependent judicatory police force for the time of the national crisis. The Thanators are the Law in times like this, when they could arrest, judge and punish according to their own conscience and judgment, independent at the any other Branch in Union, without possibility to interfere their authority. Dejure they could be deploy by the Father at the Core worlds, but in history, the situation has never gone so far as to make it happen.


    The Frontier, more precisely the Frontier Worlds, are the planets under “protection” of the Elthari Union. These planets are under the more or less soft occupation of the Union’s military and administrative. They are not part of the Union, they are not rights as the worlds of the Union, and though the proforma they are a fully independent on the Union, the Union takes them as as its borderbound against the others. Their status has nothing to do with their development –  Bayran and Porterland are more developed and rich than some of Union worlds, but even the Bayran was a founder planet of the Union, he never be part of state development and as time passed, he become “Frontier”. This planets and systems have a some sort of independence, but they are hashed and depleted by the Union.  Proforma the Frontier worlds are protected under the “Pact of Friendship, Cooperation and Protection” (PFCP), which guaranties them a military protection, political independence, and economical cooperation with and within the Union, but in fact the PFCP is used as the matter of military occupation, political reprisals, and economical depletion of the Frontier worlds by the Union. Any rebellion against the Union is heavily punished. The Frontier Fleet, the “Protector of Frontier“, is in fact a shock navy for counterinsurgency in the Frontier Space, while Thanators ending the rebellions on the ground and filling the alleys by the hangmans’.


    Elrad is a really economically poor world, rich on the mineral resources. The planet’s government is nonexistent, the Elrad is protectorate of the Union, after the last rebellion in 3399. The civil population living in the hermetic domes over cities, as the atmosphere is heavily toxic due a heavy industrialization – and the chemical bombardment by the Frontier Fleet back in 3399. The unprotected ground is dead, no man’s land where you cannot survive, as the toxic air is heavily corrosive even for the modern materials. Elrad is used as the prison planet, one-way ticket for the citizens of the Union, worst possible criminals enslaved in the planetary mines for life. A very short one. The civil population works mostly in Union’s mining corporation ELMAG as the qualified workforce – administration, mine guards, etc.
    For shitty payroll, but still better be ELMAG worker than “miner“.


    Darrion was shithole planet even before the Union annex the planet as their Frontier world. 90% of world needs are exported from the outside, mineral wealth was exhausted long before the Union annexation, and barely 30% of the population could be feed by the planetary agriculture.

    The planet is the place, where you doesn’t want to live, where you doesn’t want to be born and where the police and goverment is just another criminal gang. The Union annexed planet only for their strategic position, for nothing else. Only hope for the locals is they survive long enough and be lucky to get the job within the Union enclaves, hidden behind the walls creating the islands of the peace and justice. Outside these walls you find the society where the 4/5 of the population is poor just coming out of the day, and 1/5 is the criminal syndicates, gangs, or goverment.
    Criminal rate, drug addiction and ubiquitous corruption is daily bread.

    On the orbit of planet is the Frontier Fleet dockyards and the Area Command Station, on the ground is couple of the Union Trade Outposts, the ground forces military installations, the Navy Academy and Navy-Frontier Retranslation and Gradar Picket station.


    Bayran is founder planet of the Union and former thirteenth planet of the Core. After 3087 rebellion, where the rebels won the six days long independence, the planet was excluded from the Union and was the first one Frontier planet. The planet itself is more or less visible Union occupation for over 400 years, try to more or less successfully escape from the Union seclusion. Last rebellion happen during the the Frontier Spring in 3399, a one of few which happen on the planet itself, not within the Bayran system.

    The planet is the Union’s PFCP treaty checkout box. Rich, highly developed and populated, cultural center of the trade, diplomatic and all others relationships between the Union and outer space. On Bayran is all space nations embassies which have a diplomatic relationship with the Union. The planet have a strong “independent” government, own law enforcement, military forces or judicatory system.  The Union presence is only “political”, and intimidating the the Frontier Fleet inspection flights, not the actual occupation which could see on the Portland.

    But still, there are two faces. Within and outside of governmental district walls.  Within, for eyes of the outsiders, there is friendship between the Bayran and Union authorities. Without, no so much. The Bayran is rich and powerful, and even after first rebellion back in 3087, the union couldn’t openly terrorize the planet population, because the planet economy and technological was and is the golden egg. The planetary economy is based on the hightech development and products in many areas, supported by the Union’s need for own secrecy on one side, and the need of the international trade on another. Yes, Pathea is place where you can sell or buy anything you can imagine, but the Bayran…Bayran is place where you can trade with dignity.

    The Union “occupation” go through the three organisation. The Union embassy, and unlimited advisory to Bayran government from the Union Ambassador. The UMR – the Directorate of Naval Intelligence – so-called “invisible Thanators”, have unpleasant habit to talking into the police investigations or judiciary processes, or let someone to disappear. And most visible – the “Trade Supervision Office”, which supervise the Bayran industrial and trade complex as the proforma Bayran Tax and Trade Legal Authority.
    And, there is of course, the Frontier Fleet, which makes random visits and the customs inspections in the Bayran space.

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    Btw. the spelling and grammar (and a lot of sentences form) will be wrinkled in the end of nation creation, please don’t be grammar nazi XD

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    Update for the Union page



    The political system in the Elthari Union is quite difficult to outsiders. The Union is federation of twelve core worlds which every one have a own executive, legislature and judicial branch based on the democratic election with four years mandate, where every planetary citizen have a number of votes depending to his merits to the society. Over the local governmental bodies stands the National Council, which is the one chamber 120-seats parliament with one year mandate, with 10-seats for every Union world, chosen on the demarchy principle from the citizens of every Union planet. The Executive branch of the Union is presented by the Council of Twelve, serving as an administration. Members of Council are chosen by the Father, the ruler of the Elthari Union, and their mandate depends only on the Father’s will.
    Although the Council is called “of the Twelve”, as a matter of fact have a thirteen seats. The thirteen seat lies to the Frontier Protector, who is not entitled to vote.


    The Father is the Head of State and Head of the Council of Twelve. He has ultimate authority over the Union, and de-facto an unrestricted leader. Despite this, the Father does not enter into Union politics, except the time of national emergency and crisis, and serves more as the spiritual leader of the state more than legislature figure.

    As the Father-Founder of the state, the Father regularly performs a public rally and holonet speeches, appoints the National Council, Union and Frontier Fleet Flag Officers, personaly honors soldiers and civilians by the Union decorations, and defend the State of the Union before the National Council.

    In the state of the Union Crisis or Emergency he could declare “the Fathers Protocols”, which is the Executive Orders with the lawfulness of the constitutional law.

    The person of the Father is quite shrouded in secrets. Despite his public appearances, there is no chance to meet him personally in private. He have no advisers, nor assistants. He is unaccessible even for the foreign state visits. His will is the law, and his word done thing. As the Founder of the state he is about 615 years old, plus minus decade, but the persona which is the Father is the man in his late 60s. He’s ~250 years older than the national average life expectancy age. By many in the Union, the Father is not a man, but the antic with divine powers. Partly because the propaganda, which build the image of the Father as the Leader of the Nation, an immortal being, which there was all the time, and will be, serving to the greater good of the Union, partly because the facts are clear. The Father was founder of the Union. The Father was there all the time. And will be.


    The federal Executive body of the Union is the Council of Twelve, the state administration chosen by Father itself. The Council of Twelve rules to the Union, as the ministers of the state. Members of the Council are not ministers in common mean, but the council who decide on the matters of the State. Ministries have they own administration, who subject to the Council.

    The Frontier space is subjected to the Frontier Protector, thirteen member of the Council, which ha no voting power. He is absolute ruler over the Frontier space, answering only to the Father.

    The planets of the Union core have their own governor and his administration. He is voted in office by the planetary citizens directly by the majority vote. His mandate is not limited, it depends only on the will of the planet’s citizens. Every two years is a referendum on elections is announced, and if the vote is not passed, the governor remains for another term. But any time, with 15% of the population signed under petition, governor could be appeal.

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    The People Council is the nationwide parliamentary body of the Elthari Union. They are the legislators and the theoretical failsafe in the Union political system.

    They have a right to investigate any state person or organisation and create the investigation and audit committees, but in the Union political reality the People Council have no authority over the “overstate” level government.

    Some outsiders says the People Council is needless body as the real decisions are made by someone else and the Council have no power within the Union state politics and making just the puppet democracy for the rulling council and the Father. But this opinion come from missunderstanding of the Union political reality. The Council is not about the state itself, is about interim state running cycle and as the Union within own core is heavily isolationist, the population doesn’t need to have a galaxy-wide opinion. They need to accept the State and his properganda, feel safe and living in fair condition of living. The People Council give them all of that. And if there is something where the real powers of the Council hits their limits? The Father is wise and listen to his people. He is listening to their pain. He solve and punish those, who thought they are above laws.

    Every planet has a own People’s Assembly, with a different role within planetary government. On some planets the Assembly have parliamentary role, on some the Assembly is more the people discussion forum with governmental institutions.

    Sanctor, as in many other ways, is specific. His “People” Assembly is rulling bureaucratic organisation, which ensure the planet is logistical and functional point of the support of Thanator’s operations, not the parliament.


    Judicial system of the Elthari Union is quite simple. There is only five layers. 
    The Court of the Union, is the Constitutional Court composed by twelve judges, each elected by their own planet which they represent. The Court solves cases of the national significance as the Court is chosing their cases, not vice versa, from appealed cases; or could be summoned by the Father to the proceed a case he chose to the judiciary hearing. Every session of the Court is public and Union-wise broadcasted event. The Court may make a judgment outside the legal framework, if all twelve judges agree on a judgment, and that judgment is valid and final, and cannot be reversed not even by the Father.
    Second layer is the Supreme Court, composed by five judges, chosen to office by remaining members of the court, is the highest standard instance of the judicial system. It serves as the last step to which you can appeal or file your case. 
    The following instances are federal courts, followed by planetary and district ones. For the each legal typology is there a court line. There are criminal, commercial, civil, etc. courts – district, planetary, federal…united all under single the Supreme Court.




    The Union have a federal and planetary level law enforcement, the paramilary organisations heavy armed and militarized. 
    The jurisdiction between federal and planetary institutions is hardlined and their cooperation and interconnection is one of the best within the Verge.
    There is two institutions which are outside. MVD (Mirotvortsy Vnutrennikh Del, aka Keepers of Internal Peace) which is the secret and riot police, soft version of Thanators. They are able to find, hunt and stop any insurgency, or riots within the borders of the Union’s Core. And DChS (Direktorat po chrezvychaynym situatsiyam, aka Directorate of Emergency Managment), which cover any affairs for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters. Any member of DChS is trained as the armed forces servicemen, and they equipment is on the military degree. DChS was founded by Father itself within the Union arise, as the counterpart to armed and security forces, leading to the security status quo. But their work is focused on a civilian role such a fire and medical service, civil defense and disaster relief.


    The Military of the Elthari Union is as intimidating as the nation itself. Boasting the unreasonable large fleet, the Elthari Navy is a grinding machine determined to crush weaker nations, supported by the Space Guard, astrotroopers serving as boarding party and the ground forces of the Navy, and by the Naval Aviation supporting any Navy action, bombardment or invasion.
    The Elthari army is monstrous as any other branch. Three billions soldiers in arms, marching machine of determined locusts, cruel and effecient, with one purpose only. Stamp out everyone who is foolish to face them.
    The Elthari Aerospace Forces are no different. Another billion troops, serving to support and secure the skyes, space and the Union dominance home and abroad.

    The doctrine of the Union’s Armed Forces is referred by others as an “eye for fracture” or a “chainsaw surgery”. Doctrine is based on the use of excessive force against the opponent, not limited to any form of warfare, using any means necessary, and disregarding the enemy’s civilian population. For example, during the Battle of Uradis, the Elthari Navy destroyed the Uradis planetary spacestation by using the civilian freighter loaded with explosives as initial strike before the invasion, crippling Uradis Navy capacity in process and killing a five million civilians as a collateral damage. In the same campaign the Elthary Army used a thermobaric bombardment against the insurging population as a retaliation for the desecration of the Elthari servicemens bodies after shot down of the Elthari dropship over the city. Although it may seem unnecessary, the study of the overall Union strategy used in the past engagements between the Union and their enemies, this terror was lead with the systematical and mechanical precision to paralyzing their enemies, which very often surrendered rather than face to the continuing, systematic, mathematical dosed terror from the Union Armed Forces.


    Elthrai Navy is main deterrence force of the Eldar Union. Overpowered, oversized force with only one mission. Prevail the Union. Expand the Union. Grab anyone who tries to stand up against. Supported by basically borderline wartime economy, Eltari Navy is capable of ridiculously quick modernisations, or grow within weeks.

    Their motto is “Peace, Freedom, Justice, Security”, deride scoff to the reality. Navy is not peacekeeper force, it is warmachine. Union could looks like an almost democratic regime, from outside – if you seen only Bayran, or inner worlds – but Frontier space is the true face of the “Union Peace” and cost which is need to be paid. Navy – as a counter of Frontier Fleet – claims to be the justice holders. They punish piracy, hunt a rebels, make a children’s days. But Union justice outside the inner worlds? Be silent, or we make you be. Security…yeah…

    On Galaxy standard is Elthari Navy quite modern. Their advantage is their disadvantage. Navy produce limited batches of warships, build on their predecessors, always modernize the hulls, electronics, weaponry. The result is dozens of warship classes and and their modernizations. For example, the most modern destroyer – Lider class – was build only in 80 pcs and there is four versions of the class, and 126 submodernizations within these versions.
    Within 1 360 warships in duty, there is 7 790 modifications and modernizations for the last decade.


    The “Pocket Superdreadnought”, the Fathers Will, is 1,55Bt blashemy drydocked on the Elthari home planet orbit. Used in propaganda as a memento of Elthari Union strength, theoretically – as was not used over 200 years – The Father’s Will is a biggest, most powerful, and most armored ship in the galaxy, invincible in one to one clash. Reality…let’s say is complicated. As the Father’s Will is drydocked and undoubtedly modernized, redeveloped and upgraded every single moment, is difficult to say how strong the ship weaponry is, how modern the electronics or loaded ammunition is, or even – if the ship is mobile.

    The best intelligence guess is that the ship is 60-80% on the Union’s technical standard, guzzle about 5-10% of the Union Defense budget annually alone, and could be a fully armed and crewed. With table crew of 29,000 and 1,110 possible palposts on the hull, the Father’s Will is something to count with.

    Elthari Space Guard

    Elthari Space Guard is an odd hybrid of independence and subordination to the Elthari Navy. It has, since the founding of the Union, been a separate branch of the Armed Services, having its own “slots” of flag rank officers at the General Staff, however, in deployment, the Space Guard acts subordinate to the Elthari Navy.
    ESG boot camps are known to be brutally rigorous, and their recruiting ads use that as a selling point – only the best of the best can become Space Guardians. Those that make it through have a high esprit de corps and tend to be self selected for personal initiative, bravery bordering on the suicidal, or both. The ESG knew before the Portland annexation that it had a technological disparity to overcome, just from looking at Coalition equipment. Rather than grumble to the Council of Twelve for equipment that would take decades to develop and deploy and that would likely never arrive due to budgetary overrides for Naval spending, the ESG made a concerted effort to overcome the disparity with leadership, morale and élan. This has caused some derision of the crispness that the Marines spend on ceremonials, particularly from junior Naval officers who can’t get that kind of performance out of their enlisted personnel, but the results are quite noticeable. While Union has the capability to overwhelm with sheer numbers and raw manpower, the ESG begrudges spending the lives of its Guardsmans like water, and will attempt to adapt, survive and overcome. Those who have faced the ESG in ground action don’t look forward to doing it twice.

    Elthari Naval Aviation

    The Elthari Naval Aviation is a Navy cinderella. Although the Naval Aviation makes the best from the Aerospace Forces acquisitions and their aviation is quite sophisticated and modern; on the operational level, the ENA has to fight a certain degree of inertia, as the pilots have a minimal training flight hours, a maitenance is basically nonexistent and everything for repair is replaced by a module for module by poor trained crews from conscripts.
    The ENA serves as a postponement for drafted children of politicians or important entrepreneurs etc. (pilots), and slobs, which no one else wants (maitenance).


    De-jure the Frontier Fleet is subordinate to Elthari Navy, de-facto is interdependent branch with own R&D, fleet, budget or leadership for a long time.

    Frontier Fleet was founded 400 years ago as the personal fleet of Frontier Protector to relieved Navy from the security service on Frontier. Theoretically should work as a police force within Frontier space, but, very quickly, became the Frontier warmonger hydra and the executor of the Union’s will. Even though Elthari Navy committed atrocities in past, they are trying to fight with gallantry and honor if enemy conduct the same. Frontier Fleet is just terror. They don’t ask for surrender, they require only total submission. Most of the officer cadre is not in any way creative in terms of tactical skills, not at least as creative as sadistic, but there is exceptions.

    The Frontier Fleet is composed by less than hundred of ships of various tonnage, but acquired a quarter of Navy budget. Their ships are top of their class, mostly even better equipped and armed than their Navy counterparts. Most absurd fact is, even the Frontier Fleet is part of the Navy, the Navy and Frontier Fleet do not fall under the same chain of command and then Frontier Fleet is not obligated to listen orders from superior Navy officers.


    Elthari Army was always something more ceremonial than a real military power. Based mostly on conscripts, with less than 20% of the cadre as the career soldiers, the Elthari Army was always scary within their parades and marches through the streets of Union Core worlds, but reality was unrelenting. The Elthari Army was a heavily unexperienced, with obsolete gear and arsenal, bound by an unduly ceremonial traditions, absurd regulations, and disgusting political machinations and corruption of the officer staff, which seen more to took a care for smearless uniformity and the results of the political inspections, than building strong Armed Forces. But this Army is no more. Year 3087 changed many things. Bayran rebellion crush the Union Army heavily, even more than Navy. As tradition commanded, the one regiment of the Elthari Army served as a peacekeepers on Bayran, strengthen the bound between Union nad Bayran, showing the friendship between the nations, which…it was not that honest as it was publicly shown. Long story short, 86th Regiment was disarmed and secured within the first hour of the rebellion. The regiment was completely caught with pants at the ankles…and in case of the regiment’s commanding officer, general de Paulie, this was more than literal. After Bayran rebellion, three fifths of the senior and flag officer’s cadre has been removed. Majority let own incompetence went through their heads, together with Thanator’s sidearm 10mm projectile. They all shot themselves on their own accord, of course. Some, unfortunately, showed lack of initiative and they had to be publicly hanged. Today, the most of the Army can be counted as a combat operational, and some units can be considered as elite.

    The Father’s Guard

    The Father’s Guard is the elite division within Elthari Army, serving to the pleasure of the Father and whose primary purpose is to defend the Elthari homeworld and the Union government from internal and external threats.
    Even in the darkest times of the Army, the Father’s Guard was elite, fully professional formation operable in the air, on the land, in the sea, or space. The Division is regarded by some as the best trained and best equipped in the northen spaceline of the Verse.


    Elthari Aerospace Forces was formated 2345 by combining the Air Force and Space Defence Troops, for improving the nation’s aerospace defence capabilities.
    This concentrate under one organisation all the responsibility for formation of the military and technological policy for development of the doctrine that solve tasks in the aerospace sphere, and secondly, through closer integration to improve te effectioveness of the planetary air and space defence application, and thirdly, to ensure the progressive development of the air and space defense system of the nation.
    To main tasks of the Aerospace Forces is reflection of aggression in the aerospace sphere and protection against attacks of air and space attacks by the enemy on the points of control of the highest levels of state and military control, groupings of troops (forces), administrative and political centers, industrial and economic areas, the most important objects of the economy and the nation’s infrastructure; monitoring of space objects and identification of threats against the Union in space and from outer space, and, if necessary, countering such threats; the launching of space vehicles into orbits, the management of military satellites and dual-use systems in space and the use of defense and detection systems in the interests of providing Elthari Armed Forces with the necessary information; maintenance in the established composition and readiness for the use of military satellite and dual-purpose systems, in means of launching and controlling them, and a number of other tasks.


    The Office of Thanatha Judgement, shortly Thanators, is judicial-like gendarmerie armed force of the Elthari Union.
    Thanatha is the formal tribal judicial procedure of Elthari natives, where judge-policeman travelled through the lands of Elthari, and solves criminal justice between the people of Elthari. In the modern Elthari Union the Thanators are interpendent judicial gendarmerie situated on their planet – Sanctor – which is their homeworld and the base of operation. Thanators have a special place within the Union military, law enforcement, and judiciary. Basically they are special forces gendarmerie, subordinated to the Father’s Executive Orders of National Emergency, serving to restore peace and justice within the Union and Frontier space. In common situation, you will – if you are not the citizen of Sanctor – never met the Thanator. In declared situation of national emergency, a Thanators are the first who come, and last who leave the planet where national emergency was declared. They have a basically unlimited powers to restore peace and order under National Emergency Order, as they are a Prosecutors-Attorney-Judges-LEO-Executioners in one person and their interdependence and fatalist loyalty to the Father gave them special place within the Armed Forces and Chain-of-Command. Basically said – if Thanators are deployed, they do what they want to do, they command to everyone they want to command, and they declare end of the State of Emergency, no-one other can.

    All active Thanators are a strong technomancers and highly modified cyborgs, which – in their tactical armor and vehicles – make them almost unbeatable by non-military heavy grade weaponry.

    Thanators have an about million gendarmerie-in-arms, own Navy, Aerospace Forces and planet to support their operations.

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    ufff, update for Union.

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