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    Banner of the Empire

    Gaenna affet sakanaiit bishi. –Common Gaennai Proverb

    The Empire of Gaennan (Gaennai: Imbaat a’Gaennan) is an absolute monarchy supported by nine noble houses (Gaennai: shiriid asiliin) that have united under the Imperial Gaennai Banner. Despite the nation’s moderate age, the Gaennai are just now making their mark on the galaxy. Their dark and violent past has hindered their growth considerably, and while there are tough economic sanctions placed upon them for their transgressions, the empire is growing rapidly in comparison to those of equal age.

    Currently unallied to anyone, the newest padikha of the empire, Padikhaan Khatiija Barasan, has decided to keep a wary eye on those international events unfolding, electing to remain neutral until there is certainty in the realms of Human Space. She has made a solemn vow that, so long as the Shroud of Gaennait’s sole sphere of influenceremains free of unwelcome guests, Her people will remain uninvolved in any sides that may arise from the growing turbulence around them.

    Continue the Gaennai Government Page reading here!

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    I approve!

    You are making an amazing work. Your nation is very original and coherent. 🙂

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    Thanks, man!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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