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    Vanovar-class Escort Carrier

    The Vanovar-class is an escort carrier primarily operated by CrownForce in the Star Kingdom of Persica. The lightest class of carrier, the Vanovar provides a multirole platform at considerably less cost than larger carriers, and often serves as a mobile command base for patrol squadrons, accompanied by frigates and destroyers. This has proven to be effective in protecting merchant convoys against local pirates that typically operate with hulls of destroyer tonnage or less. For space-to-ground missions, the escort carrier provides solid sky support for troops and armour. And for certain task forces centered on larger ships, the Vanovar operates as a picket ship, lending the long reach of its starcraft for scouting sortees.

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    Overall I like the concept. A few notes:

    – Can you make the heading titles match the other ships? An example is the Rapier.
    – Can you include some links to both your nation and the types of starship page? We usually try to link to pages if they exist as it makes the site easier to navigate. 
    – Her power cores seem a bit high. Their power output is greater than that of the Thunderer and she’s a fleet destroyer (about the same tonnage and equipped with weapons). 
    – I would drop her down from heavy launchers to standard launchers, especially in the role you are looking to have her serve. Those standard missiles will be better at intercepting lighter starships and allow her to support her air group a bit better. It will also be better for her in defending against the lighter ships that she can’t outrun. 

    Just my thoughts.

    Otherwise, I like the concept a lot! A great first use of the carrier content we’ve added to the shipbuilder. 

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    Sounds good. I’ll make those changes.  🙂

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     Done and done.

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    Congratulations, Cambrius!

    Voting is now over, and the Vanovar is now considered Canon. I’ll get around to marking it later when I get home from work.

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