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    We announced at a recent Fireside Chat that we were going to be giving away warship sets. These sets were ones that we, the Creators and/or Founders had discarded for a variety of reasons. Some were no longer up to our standards of artistry, others simply didnt fit our style anymore. 

    We decided that these were best not left to rot for all eternity – after all, many of our users are doing great work, but may not have artistic skill of their own to make ships. Unfortunately, many of our artists do not have time to do commissions for others, try as we might. So why not refit our old designs so that you can use them?


    1. YOU CAN ONLY BE IN ON THE RAFFLE IF YOU POST YOU DESIRE TO BE IN THIS THREAD. You have until the next fireside chat.
    2. You must have a Nation or Organization that can reasonably use the ships at the time of submission. Post which nation/organization you are applying with.  The group must be relatively close to being ready for canon submission at the time of application, or be canon already.  If you have questions as to whether your group is applicable, ask myself or Josh.
    3. All modifications other than coloring must go through the original artist, or one of the Creators or Founders. This is not just because it is originally our art – we want to prevent kitbashing “mishaps.”
    4. Do not expect to have your line of ships completed by the artist, should you feel you need a cruiser, frigate, or destroyer to go along with your line. Feel free to attempt the style on your own. We are willing to help with this! (By giving advice, ideas, and guides, not necessarily doing the artwork).
    5. Give credit where credit is due. We’re giving you the ships, but we still spent hours upon hours on each one.  
    6. Build backstory for the ships in some fashion.
    7. If there is a ship of the set you do not wish to use, make sure we are aware so we can put it up for grabs as well.
    8. If you have considerable artistic skill of your own, we do ask that you do not put your name in the running.
    9. You may have to change original specifications to meet the new specifications of the shipbuilder. If you need more firepower, we advise you use forward-facing weapon-mounts (i.e. axials, missiles) to help the balance.

    SET ONE:


    (Back when it was still called that)

    Be aware that these ships may not be the same classification they once were.

    BATTLECRUISER (Original)

    CRUISER (Original)

    FRIGATE – 1 (Original)

    FRIGATE -2 (Original) (Probably now a corvette)

    If I am feeling benevolent, I may begin the long and arduous process of doing the necessary artwork to release this beastie.

    Begging may be necessary.

    Nay. Required.

    Post if you want in on the raffle!

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    i wan innae raffle ya?

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    I’d like to enter the raffle, mainly since I lack imagination and the skill to create any sort of star ship designs

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    I would like to to put my hat in the ring for thou s lovely starships

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    The Elthari Union puts its hat to this designs, as we want to use them for Lider-class Destroyes, Valcori-class Cruiser and other Union’s vessels in our inventory.

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    Congrats to Waffle for winning these fantastic sets of ships!

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