Beginner’s Guide to Chronicles of Man



Chronicles of Man – or CoM – is an open source science fiction series where you – the members – get an opportunity to create star nations, corporations, organizations, and characters in the universe. There are many ways to take part in CoM. You can also write your own stories, but most people are going to get their start in CoM building their own group within the verse. We’ll assume you have created an account, but if you haven’t, click the “Login” button in the upper right-hand corner and create an account!

If you are curious about what you can do and how to do it, visit our “How To” section.


The first place you’ll want to visit is your homepage. The quickest way to get to it is by clicking the “Profile” icon after you log in. From there you can access all of the key features of the site. Learn more about your homepage by visiting Your Homepage.

Tip! Access to a lot of the key features of the profile page – like to
your nations, corporations, factions, inventory, and messages – can
be had by clicking the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner
and accessing the drop-down menu.


Before adding content of your own, it’s a good idea to peruse preexisting articles, such as the timeline, communications, and a few star-nation pages to get a feel for the universe. Your best source of information will often be other members, so feel free to ask questions in the forum or find members live on our Discord Server. Here are some other great starting points:

  • CoM Timeline – Learn about the history of the ‘verse from mankind’s first trip to Mars to the founding of some of the largest star nations in the galaxy.
  • Faster Than Light Travel (MAG Drive) – Learn about Faster Than Light Travel and near Faster Than Light travel in the CoM Universe. 
  • Interstellar Communications – Figure out how communications across the stars work in Chronicles of Man including everything from couriers to the famous Ansibles.
  • Types of Starships – Learn about the military and civilian starships that roam the galaxy.
  • Types of Starship Weaponry – Now that you know the ships, learn how to arm them.
  • Types of Starcraft – The lesser cousins of starships, learn about the small craft that duck and dodge between planets and stars.
  • Major Star Nations in the Universe:


 Once you’ve learned a little about the CoM universe, feel free to add content. Just make sure to keep it within the constraints of the universe’s technology and lore-friendly realism, and new users are limited to only one “sphere of influence,” as explained in the “How to Make a Star Nation” page. Feel free to add as many corporations, factions, characters, starships, or whatever you need to help expose your ideas to everyone else or give background for a story or roleplay.  

If you think your content needs improvement, just ask another member or founder for assistance.


Once you are satisfied with your content, it’s time to make it canon. Becoming canon is the highest honor your content can get in CoM. It becomes part of the permanent lore of the universe and will find its way into other player’s stories, creations, and games. To learn more about this process, read the “becoming canon” section of our “how to.”