Introducing CoM Ranks!

Introducing Ranks to the Chronicles of Man site and Discord channel. Ranks are a new system we are implementing both to reward your progress, promote original content, and create a community of people who are crazy as the core team about universe building! These ranks will one of two ways.

  • Automatically after you produce a certain type/number of pages/content.
  • As a reward for your content/behavior/actions in the community as a whole. 

As the site and universe continues to grow, we will continue to expand the rank system and introduce new ways to expand your online status in the CoM universe. For now, here are the current ranks:

  • Member -Member is the first rank you achieve when you create an account. It’s your way of visiting the site, participating on the forums, and sending messages. You’ve stepped out into the universe but there is so much more to explore.
    Required for Rank:

    • Create an account.
  • Player -Create any content on the site and join the ranks of the players. You’ve started to dive into the universe and create your own content. Welcome to what CoM is really about.
    Required for Rank:

    • Create one (1) story, nation, corporation, organization, or inventory post type.
  • Builder – You’ve created your first official star nation, corporation, or faction. Congratulations. You’ve joined the ranks of the builders. The universe is growing thanks to you, and you truly are a part of CoM.
    Required for Rank:

    • Create one (1) star nation, corporation, or faction approved by the developers as canon.
  • Author -You’ve made your first story. Congratulations for posting your first composition in the verse. You’ve not just added to the canon, but the deep lore of the universe. That is an amazing achievement and we congratulate and celebrate your accomplishments.
    Required for Rank:

    • Create one (1) story post type approved by the developers as canon.
  • Architect -You’ve added content, stories, and/or helped build the community in a way that extends beyond your typical builder. You have vision. Your work follows a form that is more than just built, its crafted.
    Required for Rank:

    • Create two (2) star nations approved by the developers as canon.
    • Create two (2) organizations or corporations approved by the developers as canon.
    • Create one (1) technology article approved by the developers as canon.
    • Create one (1) starship article approved by the developers as canon.
  • Citizen -The highest honor a person can achieve in CoM (short of becoming part of the team). Citizen means you have joined the august ranks of the senior members of CoM. Your content is not just prolific, its of a high enough quality to be forged into the iron of the CoM canon
    Required for Rank:

    • This rank is rewarded for exceptional contribution to the community.