AR-616 Laser Rifle

Authors: Sam Warren
TypeParticle Laser Rifle
Place of OriginAstraus Imperium
Service History
In Service3402-Present
Used ByAstraus Imperial Armed Forces
Production History
DesignerTarkhad Rayl III
DesignedRayl Armaments Anvil Facility
ManufacturerRayl Armament
No. Built16 Million Units
VariantsRefer to Variants
Length39.5 in
Barrel Length29.5 Inches
MunitionsInert Particles
ActionPlasma Excitation of Inert Particles
Rate of Fire.3-.5 Second Burst
Muzzle Velocity0.2 c
Effective Firing Range3.5km
Feed SystemInert Particle Feed/Battery
SightsDigital and UPLINK sights


As the Standard Rifle used by the Imperium, the Rayl Armaments AR-616 is one of the most advanced Small-Arms in the Galaxy. The AR-616 uses a high-energy beam of sub-atomic to damage the target by disrupting its atomic and/or molecular structure of the impacted site. The AR-616 is commonly referred to as a “Lance” by the soldiers that use it. 

Designed to allow the less numerous troops of the Federation to combat the indoctrinated manpower of the Empyrean See. The 616 is the 6th Iteration of the Original 611 designed almost two hundred years and as such markets on the same things that made that system effective while removing some of the weaknesses. 


Designed in response to the fractured supply lines that had begun to plague the Imperium combat against the Empyrean See. The requirement for the designs being easy to deploy, easy to replace and to provide adequate firepower in a contained unit. Many different designs were floated among the Imperial Armed Forces commands, most failed to meet the standard that was needed. 

The Rayl Armaments Company provided the Guard with its P-251 Particle Laser Pistol, and many Legion forces began to agree that the design was flexible and able to meet the requirements as stated by the Guard forces. RAC arrived with what they marketed as the AR-611 Model 1. A Long Barrel system that placed the Battery in the main body of the rifle and the Particle tank in a pistol-style magazine. While it was able to beat out the competition on power and reliability it did have the flaws of a slow reload of the battery and the length of the barrel not conducive to Urban warfare.

Rayl AC sent the AR-611 back to the drawing board and returned two months later with the 616 with some better design features, such as a bullpup layout, with the Rifle Magazine holding the battery and particle tank, reducing the reload time and shortening the overall rifle. 

The AR-616 was used in 






The AR-616 comes in two distinct variants, while both are deployed by the Imperium. While both are used by the Imperial Armed Forces it is often distinct in their deployment.


Designed as a Longer Barrel variant of the AR-616, the Lange is often deployed with the Imperial Guard Forces, due to its greater heat dissipation and more stable structure.


The Shorter Barrel Variant is more often deployed to Legion Forces, due to its more compact design, while its reduced size often means lower heat dissipation it is still favoured by the Legion members. 


The primary User of the AR-616 is the Imperial Armed services, as of this stage there are no significant export licenses currently for this generation.

Export Levels:

  • Imperial Marine Corps: Total use – Individual Weapons
  • Imperial Army: Limited Usage, some import of Kinetic Firearms
  • Imperial Navy: Full Deployment of Shipboard forces, Limited use amongst Fleet Security Force.