Battle of Malag

Authors: Ronan

Part of the Hydrian Civil War

December 31st, 2908
Malag asteroid fields

Strategic Hydrian Victory


Hydrian 2nd Fleet

Hydrian 3rd Fleet

Hydrian 5th Fleet


Vennerian 1st Fleet

Vennerian 2nd Fleet

Vennerian 3rd Fleet

Vennerian 4th Fleet

Defender Leadership

Grand Admiral Evon Mark of the 2nd fleet

Grand Admiral Louis Roberto of the 3rd fleet

Grand Admiral Harvey Dent of the 5th fleet

Attacker Leadership

Supreme Admiral Thomas Ullhass

Admiral Kit Parker of the 1st fleet

Admiral James B. Warwick of the 2nd fleet

Admiral Zee Monte of the 3rd fleet

Admiral Samantha Howe of the 4th fleet

Defender Strength

2nd fleet-23 ships

3rd fleet-19 ships

5th fleet-21 ships

dozens of support ships and hundreds of fighter craft

Attacker Strength

1st fleet-17 ships

2nd fleet-16 ships

3rd fleet-18 ships

4th fleet-12 ships

Dozens of support ships and hundreds of fighter craft

Defender Casualties

2nd fleet-4 ships

3rd fleet-4 ships

5th fleet-8 ships

many tens of thousands of crew and soldiers

Attacker Casualties

1st fleet-7 ships

2nd fleet-3 ships

3rd fleet-16 ships

4th fleet-1 ship

many tens of thousands of crew and personnel 


The Battle of Malag was a notable battle fought between Venner and the Hydrians during the Hydrian Civil War.

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The Hydrian Imperial Intelligence had received word that a large force of Vennerian Starships were going to cross space to attack Hyperion. The High Command ordered the 2nd and 3rd fleet to go to the Malag system. Then the 5th fleet was sent to intercept the combined enemy fleet. In a short battle the 5th fleet was able to lure the enemy fleets into a chase. On December 29th the 2nd and 3rd fleets began to move into the large asteroid belt that circled the dead world of Malag, they moved and repositioned many asteroids to give the fleet protection from behind.

The 5th fleet arrived on December 30th in the late afternoon. They remained outside of the asteroid belt. The Vennerian 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fleet followed close behind and began to separate to surround the Hydrian 5th fleet. The 5th fleet then fled into the asteroid belt with the enemies 1st, 2nd, and 3rd following. The 4th fleet remained outside to follow any retreating forces.


The 5th Hydrian fleet lured the enemy 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fleet deep into the asteroid belt but the 2nd fleet was cut off when asteroids blocked their movements. The 1st fleet then began to engage the Hydrians. Using the asteroids that were emplaced to conceal their movements, the Hydrian 2nd and 3rd fleet moved towards the entrapped Vennerian 3rd fleet after finding a opening towards them. They pounced upon the 3rd fleet and quickly began to gain the upper hand, when the 3rd fleet called for help the 4th fleet attempted to assist but was unable to assist due to the asteroid belt growing thicker, this caused the destruction of a ship in the 1st fleet.

The Vennerian 3rd fleet turned tail and ran but was unfamiliar with the asteroid belt and was trapped or destroyed by the asteroids. The remaining ships were destroyed with the VSS Maus the 3rd fleets flagship being the last to fall. Zee Monte the admiral of the 3rd fleet died with his ship. While the Hydrian 3rd fleet began to pick up survivors, the Hydrian 2nd fleet turned to assist the Hydrian 5th fleet. When they arrived they found the 5th fleet in ruins with eight of their ships destroyed. Admiral Harvey Dent was dead and his flagship the HSS Zeus was in pieces. A destroyer from the 2nd Hydrian fleet in a stroke of genius towed asteroids into enemy starships destroying two cruisers. Seeing that the 5th fleet had reinforcements the 1st and 2nd Vennerian fleets fled. But like the 3rd fleet they were slowed by the asteroid belt and only escaped after suffering heavy losses.

Once the Vennerian fleets had left the asteroid belt the 1st fleet came to assist them. Seeing that the Vennerian 1st fleet was now in play the Hydrian fleets held back and remained in the asteroid belt. The Vennerian fleets then retreated back into Venner controlled space. This battle is seen as the turning point of the war. An inferior force of Hydrian vessels heavily damaged a superior force of Vennerian vessels. After this battle the tide of the war turned to the favor of the Hydrians.