Busaan-class Ark

Authors: Josh
Operational Data
  • Migrant Fleets of Sharaad
  • Migrant Fleets of Sharaad: 5
Propulsion Train
  • x4 AMX Fusion Drives


The Busaan-class Ark, also known as the Stars of Busaan, is the standard design template for Sharaadi Ark Ships; the centre pieces of the major Sharaadi migrant fleets. These giant vessels act as the central nucleus of the semi-autonomous Migrant Fleets of the Sharaadi found across the known galaxy. Designed in the shape of a star, the Busaan-class is among the largest vessels ever constructed in the known galaxy. Acting as half a space station and half a star ship, the Busaan-class fits enough room within its hull for numerous star-ships, bazzars and living quarters for the Sharaadi and their guests. 

The Busaan-class was first designed by legendary Sharaadi ship-wright Kaliir Omeer khadim Kaanem during the Fracturing and became increasingly popular among the independent Sharaadi migrant fleets of the time. Though a massive undertaking both technologically and industrially, the Stars of Busaan have become the cultural staple of the five great migrant fleets; TanisLahun, Ahkanim, Akorin and Qedar.

Development History

In the aftermath of the Third Kinslaying and the great diaspora of Sharaadi Vashiid in to the wider galaxy, the Sharaadi “exiles” could no longer rely upon the safety of the Great Ark, and thus suffered heavily from pirate attacks and slaver raids. It would not be until the second decade of the fracturing that Khaleel of Kaanem put pen to paper and set about creation the “salvation of the Sharaadi”.

Designed in the likeness of the Sacred Star of Busaan, the Busaan-class was a vessel large enough to rival the size of the Great Ark during that time. Khaleel with the backing of the Kaanemi Tajiir K’hanate was given the green light to construct his vessel. This in the shadow of Ashaan the first Busaan-class Ark was created with the aid of both Gaennai and Ionian shipwright industries – providing the materials and technology for such an undertaking. The ship was completed within sixty years, alas Khaleel the Great Builder did not live to see his creation wrought in whole.


The Busaan-class Ark is designed in the shape of a star, around a central large opening where the four arms meet acting as the central gate way in and out of the Ark. The vessel holds few to no weapons, in the traditional Sharaadi fashion, with only enough firepower to defend itself from pirates or slavers.

Operational History

Soon after the construction of the Ark of Kaanem, the other Migrant Fleets of Tanis, Lahun, Ahkanim, Akorin, Solanti, Atallah and Caediir began construction of their own Busaan-class Arks, to the char grin of the Ahmadi Rahaabate ruling from the Sharaad.

Operational Stars of Busaan

  • Ark of Tanis
  • Ark of Lahun
  • Ark of Ahkanim
  • Ark of Akorin
  • Ark of Qedar

Lost Stars of Busaan

  • Ark of Kaanem
  • Ark of Solanti
  • Ark of Atallah
  • Ark of Caediir