Captain Jacob Bowman

Authors: Daniel Elvidge
Height2.1 meters
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Skin ColorWhite
Born4th June 3382
SpouseJessica Longchild (ex wife)
ChildrenRachel and Amy Longchild (twin daughters)
NationalityRepublic of Templeman
OccupationCommander of Special Action Team Charlie


Jacob David Bowman, also know as J.B or, most commonly Jake, is a Capitan in the Black Eagles Security Services, who is the current commanding officer of Special Action Team Charlie.   

Early Life

Jacob Bowman was born on the 4th June 3382 in the small farming village of Ally upon Templeman within the Republic of Templeman to James and Jewel Bowman both ex Black Eagle Officers. That retried to start a family and would later have six children together (four girls and two boys) with Jacob being the youngest. Jacob would attend the Ally all ages school were his performance and record were below average leading to worrying questions about his future and job opportunities be asked. While out playing with his friends his skill as a natural leader would come to the fore. His mother would comment that Jacob is by no mean dumb he is in fact the smartest of his children he  just doesn’t see the use in leaning in a class when there is a universe out there to explore, so he just plays dumb.          

At the age of sixteen Jacob would drop out of school and enrol early for his national service with the permission of his parents. Despite his known intelligence Jacob would fail the Naval Forces exam making it impossible for Jacob to follow his parents into a naval career. After the exam, the examiner would offer him the choice of joining the Infantry. Where after a time to think about it, about one minute according to Jacob. He would take the examiner up on his offer to join the Infantry.

National Service

Upon his entrance into the Templeman Defence Force Jacob would be sent to the Joint School of Ground Warfare located in a series of camps across the world and orbit of Templeman. Where he would start his basic training course, consisting of a hard 29 weeks. During his training two aspects of Jacobs personality would come to the fore, first would be his natural leadership amongst his fellow cadets, being one of the very few recruits ever to be assigned the position of cadet squad leader for most of the training course without losing this position due to a squad mistake. Second would be his wiliness to be insubordinate towards his trainers where he believes that he can find a better way to solve the problems put forward by the trainers. Both of theses attributes would set him apart from his fellow recruits as one to watch out for a leadership position as a NCO and maybe a good junior officer if he could simply lean to follow orders, also a possible problem for any commanding officer. Upon the end of his basic training Jacob would graduate at the top of his class and with honours where he would be assigned to the 33rd Orbital Assault Battalion, 4th Company, Beta Platoon, 1st Squad as a Lance Corporal.

Upon arriving at his unit, located on the world of Pembroke, Jacob’s leadership ability would again be tested with a rocky start with his squad’s Corporal over her use of force in training, leading to the broken arm of a soldier from the 12th Pembroke Colonial Guard while in training with the Corporal . Where Jacob and his Sergeant one Sarah Halligan would be getting into a argument about the proper use of force in training and being that Colonial Guard units despite being a part of the Self Defence Force revive less training than the Army and that it was unfair for Corporal Halligan to be fighting one for something like this was bound to happen when the Corporal was not training her opponents she was simply as latter quoted by Jacob ” beating the stuffing out of them for fun”, this argument would get out of had to a level that both would be called into there Sergeant’s office. Sergeant Ian Templeman platoon sergeant of Beta Platoon, 4th Company, 33rd Orbital Assault Battalion, would deal with the problem faced by Bowman and Halligan by ordering both to “train” with himself acting as referee between them. This training session would be described latter by Ian Templeman “as less of a training session and more of a bar room brawl after the lights have been shout out and the person you are fighting has just slept with your sister”. The result of the “training session” under the influence of Sergeant Templeman would produce a combined four broken ribs, one broken nose, one broken femur, two broken arms, six broken fingers and bruises covering a large percentage on both of them, with Sergeant  Templeman calling an end to the training session after Jacob was no longer able to continue when Halligan broke Jacob’s femur, with both combatants were sent to the camps medical centre for treatment where the Sergeant would order that Bowman and Halligan were to be placed in a private room together.

During his recovery Jacob and Sarah due to there placement within a private room would be forced to interact with each over the three to six weeks of treatment, with Sergeant   Templeman dropping in on a daily bases dropping off magazines and beer, while at the same time having a talk with both of them on there training session and that there are other ways of dealing with issues other than putting each other in the medical centre and that he set up the training session to get all the anger out as quickly as possible before it started to effect the unit. With the Sergeants encouragement Jacob and Sarah would start to talk to each other, short and sharp to begin with but with the Sergeants amble supply of beer the tone of the conversions would be become softer and longer so that in time they both could talk for hours on a number of topics, so much so that to an outsider it seemed that they both had been friends for years and not the ones that had but each other in the medical centre.

Sarah would be released after three weeks of treatment with Jacob still facing three more weeks of treatment, in which he would be alone, for which he was for a few days until Sarah started visiting annually after having to spend a few days getting reintroduced and organized back into her squad after Sergeant Templeman had taken command. During the visits Sarah would admit that she had been beating up Colonial Guardsman simply because she could and that there were questioning her right to be in the military and Republic, when Jacob questioned why she did this. Sarah would start talking about her family and that they were only a first generation family after having moved from the Ionian League capital world of Idithos when she was 6 and because of this she would never be allowed to become a commissioned officer since herself and her family had not completed there 20 years of service in order to granted the rights of citizens, blocking them from command positions, making her angry at the Republic especially individuals that would belittle her for not being Republic born using the term Non-citizen. With this talk Jacob would come to understand why Sarah was so angry and aggressive to all “citizens” that were around her, especially members of the farmed weekend warriors of the Colonial Guard hows only real skill in like was to be station within the Guard for the term of there national service. Over the last three weeks of Jacob’s treatment


Eagle Career


Personal Life