Captain Jacob Bowman

Authors: Daniel Elvidge
Height2.1 meters
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Skin ColorWhite
Born4th June 3382
SpouseJessica Longchild (ex wife)
ChildrenRachel and Amy Longchild (twin daughters)
NationalityAkrian Hegemony
OccupationCommander of Special Action Team Charlie


Jacob David Bowman, also know as J.B or, most commonly Jake, is a Capitan in the Black Eagles Security Services, who is the current commanding officer of Special Action Team Charlie.   

Early Life

Jacob Bowman was born on the 4th June 3382 in the small farming village of Ally upon Templeman within the Arkrian Hegemony to James and Jewel Bowman both ex Black Eagle Officers. That retried to start a family and would later have six children together (four girls and two boys) with Jacob being the youngest. Jacob would attend the Ally all ages school were his performance and record were below average leading to worrying questions about his future and job opportunities be asked. While out playing with his friends his skill as a natural leader would come to the fore. His mother would comment that Jacob is by no mean dumb he is in fact one of the smartest person’s that I have seen he  just doesn’t see the use in leaning in a class when there is a universe out there to explore, so he just plays dumb.          

At the age of sixteen Jacob would drop out of school and enrol in the Black Eagles as a rifleman after failing  the Black Eagles Naval Forces exam. Where upon the examiner offended the choice of joining the Eagle Infantry where Jacob angry at his failure to follow his parents, would later take the examiner up on his offer.

Eagle Career

Jacob would enter the Templeman Training Centre for the 20 week basic training, where is natural abilities would begin to come to the fore. Being one of the very few recruits to be assigned the training squad leader for most of the training without losing this position due to a squad mistake. This would set Jacob apart from his follow recruits as someone to watch out for. During his training he would meet and befriend David Templeman an friendship that would allow Jacob to find a outlet and source of encouragement, which would push Jacob into putting his full effort into his career. Jacob would graduate at the top of his class with honours and be assigned to the 42nd Orbital Assault Battalion (OAB) as a Lance Corporal. 

After being assigned to the 42nd OAB Jacob would take part in the Overwater campaign an action where Jacob would show on an number of occasions great gallantry. One such action

Personal Life