Drachenhund-Class Corvette Pending Review

Authors: Josheua
  • x2,058 Coalition Navy
  • x1,132 Coalition Heimatwätcher

86,200 Tons

Length251m (823ft)
Width51 (167ft)
Height40 (131ft)
Compliment72 (18 Officers)
Propulsion Train
  • x2 Volkstechnik KR-3T Ion Engines
  • x1 Volkstechnik MAG-KR-R8 FTL Drive
  • x3 Rénmín Néngyuán V8K Fusion Reactor - 0.8GW Rating
  • x1 Rénmín Néngyuán V8DM Dark Matter Reactor - 63GW Rating
FTL Cruise Speed: 0.83 LY/Hr
FTL Max Speed: 1.50 LY/Hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.24C
Boost Max Speed: 0.48C
Sublight Combat Speed: 105350 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Speed: 665,350 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 32.1 G
Sensors and Processing Systems
  • Rénmín jī XT-K Artificial Intelligence
  • Rénmín jī Jäger-8-KR/CCC Command, Combat, Control Suite
Electronics Warfare and Decoys
  • Rénmín jī Jäger-8-KR/EW Electronics Warfare Suite
  • 4x Volkstechnik Gauner-KR Active Decoy
  • 130x Volkstechnik Gauner PD490 "Koder" Passive Decoy
  • 1x Volksrüstung 300mm Axial Particle Laser
  • 2x Volksrüstung Dual Barrel 50mm Particle Pulse Laser
  • 7x Volksrüstung RK-LM80 "Nadel" Light Missile Launchers
  • 4x Volksrüstung 2cm Particle Pulse Lasers
  • Rénmín Néngyuán V8K-EX 40GW Shield Grid
  • 28x Volksrüstung RK-DR17 "Schild" Defensive Missile Launchers
  • 14x Volksrüstung RKL Laser Blinders
Support Craft
  • 4x Volkswerft I-Type Fighters


The Drachenhund-Class Corvette is the latest corvette design by the Volkswerft of the People’s Coalition and meant to replace the older Karhund-Class Corvette. When compared to the Rapier-Class Corvette employed by the Intersystem Alliance, the Drachenhund is intended to fill a more niche, antiship role compared to its more versatile corvette cousin. With a powerful axial laser and a small crew, the Drachenhund is designed to operate in groups to hunt down larger prey such as destroyers or even cruisers. In the hands of the Heimatwätcher the Drachenhund is often used in patrol rolls, employing its powerful axial laser to disable fleeing ships for larger ships to deal with or to destroy them outright. In either capacity, the Drachenhund is a fearsome predator.

Figure 1 – Standard Drachenhund-Class Corvette with two I-Type Fighters Deployed – Full View


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Figure 2 – Stolen Drachenhund-Class Corvette Night Hand with two I-Type Fighters Deployed – Full View