Gravimancy Core

Authors: Pharthan and Josheua


A gravmage is a master of gravity and gravity based technology. They are comprised of both the hulking, brawling titans and the nimble, free-running vanguard. Those gravmages adhering to common schools respect strength and honor above all else and value the bonds created by people and compatriots and being akin to those made by the natural forces of gravity itself.  Togetherness, unity, and strength are their way.



Gravmages are commonly used as bodyguards by high ranking officials of many nations, and the Kingdom Eringard’s House of Brandt is guarded by Knights who specialize in gravmage abilities.

Gravmages will often times forge their own weapons and armor using the very same gravity abilities they train with to create some of the strongest armor and weapons known to mankind and while gravmages are known for their prowess in Close Quarters Combat, they can be just as deadly at distance as even a mighty boulder can be hurled by master gravmages with deadly force.

Gravmages are preferred in some situations over other forms, such as auramages, as their artform is able to affect all matter, and light (though not as thoroughly as Auramancy), making them ideal counters to auramages as they can craft tools, weapons, and armor from non-ferrous metals and non-metallic objects. However, due to power requirements, gravmages often do not specialize in specifically directed powerful force, unlike auramancy, though some are equipped for it; almost all rigs are capable of generating microforces, though generally excel with less focus. As such, they are often required to be masters of improvisation, and are capable of it, as everything around them is subject to their whims.


While most gravimancers can fall anywhere on a wide spectrum of professions, most, particularly those skilled in combat, fall into one of three prime schools of training:


Titans – stereo-typically brawlers and shield-users – comprise the largest group of gravmages. These gravmages are proficient mostly with untethered gravimancy, often generating shields or erecting them, wielding large weapons with ease, or any number of feats normally unattainable by normal human strength.


A vanguard is a master of tethered gravimancy, utilizing the pushes and pulls to propel objects at incredible speeds and for personal locomotion. Vanguards still must be able to utilize some untethered gravimancy, as they usually most alter their own weight greatly. As vanguards often have much less utility to their craft, they are not quite as common.


Medetons are a common enough sight among gravmages, as they offer the strengths of both vanguard and titans, but not fully. Medetons, utilizing near equal mixes of both tethered and untethered equipment are offered something akin to the brutish strength and offensive power and the mobility of a vanguard.


While outwardly similar to a medeton, an ascendant is a gravimancer who has proven to be highly skilled. This typically manifests in the form of being recognized by a number of guilds as being more than a medeton, titan, or vanguard. A hallmark of an ascendant is the forging of a personal weapon or avatar of legendary status, and the ability to warp spacetime into controllable, small singularities.


A tethered gravmage utilizes direct projections of gravity control. This utilizes the gravmages own weight to his advantage or disadvantage; a gravmage pushing on a bullet would repel it away, whereas one pushing on a starship would find himself flung away from it. To compensate for this, many gravmages also utilize fields that amplify or nullify their own weight, though this often requires body modification or additional external load-bearing rigs to support the gravmage. It is not uncommon for gravmages utilizing tethering to also have untethered projectors. Tethered gravimancy is considerably more power-efficient than untethered gravimancy, and many gravmages set the tethers to feed into their nervous system to utilize them as additional appendages.


Untethered gravimancy is often more common than tethered gravimancy, simply for the fact that the rigs themselves are cheaper, stemming from centuries of production of large-scale versions for use on starships, construction sites, et cetera, In addition to cost, the benefits of untethered gravimancy are more apparent than the drawbacks: one does not rely on one’s own weight and does not rely on extensive body modification for diverse usage. An untethered gravmage is limited by his equipment, not his body. While untethered gravimancy lacks sensory feedback, it allows the user to move objects much more freely.


Iain Drake – Exiles, Anchorites, and Wanderers

Christopher Kierson – Atom’s Cry