Hydriad Class Battleship

Authors: Ronan
Operational Data

Hydrian Imperial Navy


Hydrian Imperial Navy- 8


65,000,000 tons

Length3333 meters (10935 feet)
Width340 meters (1115 feet)
Height300 meters (984 feet)
Propulsion Train


6 Hypernautics P-450 Series 6 Magneto-Plasma Cowled Fusion Drive

8 Hypernautics P-200 Series 4 Magneto-Plasma Cowled Fusion Drive

Radiant Mk4 Directional Thruster System

FTL Cruise Speed: 1.001 LY/hr
FTL Max Speed: 1.9 LY/hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.55 cc
Boost Max Speed: 0.7 cc
Sublight Combat Speed: 12,000 km
Sublight Max Speed: 100,000 km
Sublight Max Acceleration: 28 G
Sensors and Processing Systems

Multiple AI systems

Electronics Warfare and Decoys

Classified and disclosed to the public


2 Armstrong HMD-8500mm/115 Mk 1 8500mm Kinetic Rifle
12 Armstrong HMD-5000mm/35 Mk 5 5000mm Dual Turret Kinetic Rifle

8 Armstrong HMD-2500mm/35 Mk 6 2500mm Kintetic Rifle

Multiple smaller offensive weapons


Armstrong BCH-25TW Advanced Shield Grid
145x Armstrong PL-1CM-MP Particle Beam Project CIWS
450x Renaud UL-28A Ultra-Light Missile Launchers
5,500x Active Laser Blinders

Support Craft

60 Hellfire class fighter bombers and other Starcraft

2 Leviticus Class Corvettes

60 Helldiver class drop ships



The Hydriad Class Battleship is the largest vessel in the Empire and is built to go head to head with any other vessel in the galaxy. Most of its systems are classified as secret and cannot be released to the public. There are eight vessels in the class with another two under construction.

Ships in Class

HSS Hydriad

HSS Novaya Molotov

HSS Imperica

HSS New Eden

HSS Venner

HSS Dracon

HSS Hurdon

HSS New Londonium