Ilaashadaan-Class Frigate Canon

Authors: Josheua and Nolan
TypeFrigate (FF)
  • Greater Isharan Navy (GIN)
  • Tamerlane Eisharat
  • Imani Eisharat
  • Solarin Eisharat
  • Omani Eisharat
  • Unified Gaennai Navy
  • Various Others
    Navies of Ishara
    • x183, Greater Isharan Navy
    • x223, Tamerlane Eisharat
    • x183, Imani Eisharat
    • x64, Solarin Eisharat
    • x132, Omani Eisharat
  • x82, Unified Gaennai Navy

70,830 tonnes

Length129m (423ft)
Width56m (184ft)
Height245m (804ft)

48 crew
• x5 furusiyya
• x10 maharib
• x33 hurras

Propulsion Train
  • x1 La Fanau FF70 Sita Series Fusion Drive
  • x2 La Fanau FF30 Sita Series Fusion Drives
  • x2 Kohatu Tahu F9K Ngakau Series 30GW Fusion Drives
  • x1 Kohatu Tahu F9MAG Ngakau Series Dark Matter Reactor
FTL Cruise Speed: 0.80 LY/hr
FTL Max Speed: 1.39 LY/hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.23c
Boost Max Speed: 0.46C
Sublight Combat Speed: 97,000 km/hr
Sublight Max Speed: 619,000 km/hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 34G
Sensors and Processing Systems
  • Eaqljadid Computing FR 9Gen Combat Artificial Intelligence
  • Eaqljadid Computing KR Eayan-Series Combat, Control and Communications Suite
Electronics Warfare and Decoys
  • Tiakina Electronics Konihi-Series Electronic Warfare Suite
  • x16 Tiakina Electronics TM-FF-9G "Mawhitere-FF" Decoys
  • x320 Tiakina Electronics TT-FF-12G "Titaritari-FF" Decoys
  • x2 Sanfayr Arms Allizar-140 Mod10 140mm Axial Laser
  • x2 Sanfayr Arms Allizar-80D Mod15 Dual Barrel 80mm Lasers
  • x6 Sanfayr Arms Allizar-20D Mod18 Dual Barrel 20mm Lasers
  • x18 Hisar Weapons LM-10 "Harba" Light Missile Launchers
  • x6 Sanfayr Arms Allizar-20D Mod18 Dual Barrel 20mm Lasers
  • x54 Hisar Weapons CM-40 "Iibratan" Counter Missile Launchers
Support Craft
  • None


The Ilaashadaan-Class Frigate is a new breed of frigate employed by the various sects in the Isharan military. A purebred frigate, the Ilaashadaan forgoes the multi-mission capabilities of the Intersystem Alliance‘s Ancile-Class Heavy Frigate and the Threshold‘s Lucid-Class Frigate. With an emphasis on speed and firepower, the Ilaashadaan enjoys firepower on par with larger warships like the Ancile while boasting the speed of some corvettes.

Figure 1 – Standard Ilaashadaan-Class Frigate – Full View


With the growing arms race among the star nations in the early 35th century, the Isharans found themselves between the rapidly expanding navies of the Kingdom of Eirangard and the Empyrean See. With the religious fanatics of the Empyrean See as new-found allies, the Isharans saw the likelihood of a conflict with the Eirangardians as a real possibility. As such, King Travin Tamerlane commissioned the Tamir Eisharat Shipyards to begin designing and constructing a new frigate as part of the expansion of Greater Isharan Navy.

The first part of the design process was establishing the parameters of the ship. Previous Isharan frigate designs had been on the heavier side supporting the civilian populations present on almost all Isharan ships. The nature of their nomadic lifestyles had always dictated some portion of the ship be dedicated to the civilian population. However, with the development of the Ilaashadaan – then simply known as “Future Frigate” – the Isharans planned to develop a pure-bred warship. The frigate was a perfect platform to explore their more military minded future.

The first major discussion point was the inclusion of Isharan’s trademark solar panels. Used by the majority of Isharan ships for passive modes where only life support is needed and the ship is acting only as a space station, the question was if they belonged on a pure warship. The answer was a surprisingly simple one. Even a warship was home to its crew. As such, the solar panels remained, adding to the utility of the ship in serving the greater khurdan – or “fleet”.


 In the late 3380s, the Isharan Eisharat was facing growing threats both internally and externally. To the galactic north, increasing raids by an enigmatic force from beyond The Verge threatened Isharan nomadic fleets. To the east and west, the military buildup of the Kingdom of Eirangard and the Empyrean See hinted at a impending conflict between the two superpowers. Complicating this, the reigning Eishatan – King Bayen III – was ill and approaching the limits of modern Isharan medical treatements for life extension. With his passing expected soon, the great houses began vying for power. With that came new military contracts and fleet expansions.

At the front of  the list of Eishatan hopefuls was Tuya of the Tamerlane Eisharat. One of the most powerful of the great families in the kingdom, the young leader was a proven battle commander who saw the Tamerlane Maharib as  the key to not just her own political future but for the future of the Isharan people. Her goal was to begin expanding their forces into more than just a rabble of modified civilian ships into coordinated, powerful combat force. The first step in that process was the development of a new Frigate.

Long favoring the speed and mobility provided by the lance, the Greater Isharan Navy – or GIN – and many of the lesser houses often employed a larger number of lighter warships. Employing advanced electronics warfare suites and powerful electronic countermeasures, the Isharan warships of the past were known to run circles around their Alliance and Eirangardian counterparts. Paired with powerful laser weapons, the Isharan tactics centered on quick, brutal strikes and fast withdrawals out of the gun range of their larger opponents. All of this speed and firepower came with costs though, and Isharan ships suffered from weaker shields and armor than their contemporaries.

When developing the core design requirements for the Ilaashadaan, Tuya and her military advisors decided to stay with this same tactic. However, by removing civilian habitability requirements and many of the non-military features of previous ships  the ship boasted the heaviest shields and armor fitted to any Isharan frigate to date. Making the ship a dangerous opponent even against larger ships like the Alliance’s Ancile-Class Heavy Frigate.


When the Ilaashadaan entered service in 3385, it stunned nations like the Kingdom of Eirangard and the Interystem Alliance. With speeds far exceeding both of those nation’s firgates – and more on par with their own corvettes – the Ilaashadaan represented a paradigm shift for the military frigates and a sign of the growing divide in military doctrines among the various nations.

Early deployments saw Ilaashadaan frigates take part in military action to the galactic north in the verge. Ilaashadaan-Class ships were also quickly contracted by the Greater Isharan Navy – the non partisan military serving the Eishatan rather than one of the great families. More so, they saw employment in the Alhurras – the Isharan Intelligence Service – in the form of the Mura’qib subclass. This variant abandoned the powerful axial laser of its bretheren in favor of special sensors and visual and electromagnetic cloaking device.

The most noted engagement of the Ilaashadaan-Class was the defense of the Musharin family convoy in 3398. Responding to distress calls from the small group of ships under attack by raiders, a pair of GIN Ilaashadaan Corvettes engaged two pirate raider in the heavy frigate weight class. In one of the most lopsided victories in the Isharan Navy’s history, the two Ilaashadaan frigates neutralized the raiders before the other ships could score a single hit.


  • IF-T-714 – TES Ilaashadaan – 1st Starship.
  • IF-GIN-818 – ISS Siad – 1st Starship to serve in the Greater Isharan Navy.
  • IF-GIN-901 – ISS Bagaild  – Shipmaster Tomasi’s ship at the “Defense of the Musharin.”


Figure 2 – Ilaashadaan-Class Frigate Greater Isharan Navy Colors- Full View

Figure 3 – Mura’qib-Subclass Intelligence Frigate – Full View