KM Fh-98 Garif DP-ECR Canon

Authors: Nolan
TypeAssault Rifle
Place of OriginEmpire of Gaennan
Service History
In Service3341 – Present
Used BySee Users

Afsan 3363 Uprising
Sharmadad Civil War

Production History
DesignerGarif Kuureshi
ManufacturerKuureshi Manufacturing
Produced3341 – Present
No. Builtc. 4 million
VariantsKM Fh-98a Garif DP-ECR Lite
Weight3.40kg (7.50lbs)
Length105cm (41.3in)
Barrel Length52.0cm (21.0in)
MunitionsKM 7.62x52mm FGSS
ActionGas/Electromagnetic Linear Motor
Rate of Fire1900 rounds/minute
Muzzle Velocity1,350m/s
Effective Firing Range800m (2625ft)
Feed System20-round detachable box magazine
SightsVarious optics


The KM Fh-98 Garif DP-ECR (Dual-Phase Electromagnetic Coil-Rifle) is a gas/electromagnetic linear motor-operated, self-loading coilgun designed by Garif Kurreshi and developed by Kuureshi Manufacturing (GaennaiKuureshi Nirmaatis /kuːɽˈeʃi niɽ.mɑː.tis/) of Khaal Kuureshi. The Fh-98 entered Gaennai military service in 3341 in response to the wide range of combat theaters that Imperial forces faced during the Strife of the Lost and fully replaced the Irridesh Fh-95 Service Gauss Rifle as the Combined Armed Forces standard service rifle in 3345.

The Fh-98 fires caseless 7.62x52mm sabot rounds and features an on-suite targeting computer with EMP resistant protections, integrated coolant system fitted into the handguard, ergonomic pistol grip and stock, add-on rails for mounting optics and other ancillary devices, as well as a semi-automatic and fully automatic fire selector. 

After the Fh-98’s apparent success, the Bureau of Military Acquisitions approved Kuureshi Manufacturing to sell the weapon overseas to a number of Gaennai allies including the Covenant of Edom, the Ionian League, as well as the Alltaari Confederacy.

Figure 1 – KM Fh-98 Garif DP-ECR in Kuureshi Gray – Full View


The Fh-98 is operated through a two-stage munitions discharge system that relies on chemical propellant to first accelerate the round into the barrel’s electromagnetic coil. While not revolutionary, the dual-stage design allowed the Fh-98 functionality even after exposure to heavy electromagnetic radiation that the weapon could experience in the field, most notably from directional EMP smart-ordnance. It also placed less strain on the weapon’s battery possessing a far smaller consumption cycle than its predecessors, giving the Fh-98 a far longer in-field operational capacity.

It primarily fires KM 7.62x52mm FGCSS (Fin-Guided Caseless Sabot SMART) rounds with a muzzle energy of 6kJ, or 611.82kg(m), that are capable of limited corrective maneuvering to increase target-contact probability. When coupled with the ensuite range-finder and targeting software (or attached, if using the Fh-98a), the KM 7.62x52mm is capable of restricted target seeking behavior. An important feature associated with the KM 7.62x52mm’s is its “Suicide Order”, which will order the round to dive into the ground after a certain range beyond the suspected target distance as not to hit any noncombatants or friendlies.

For adaptability, nanite “Cling Strips” that provide the stability of an all-in-one, solid structure while allowing for fast interchangeability between various attachments. The most popular addition is the KTS Multi-Spectrum Optics Wireless HUD-Feeder developed by inter-clan corporation Kuureshi-Tandal-Ser’iish Multinational, followed by various forward grips for better handling.


  • KM Fh-98a DP-ECR Lite – The Fh-98a was developed for those who are interested in the power the Fh-98 can provide while cutting costs and weight by removing the internal computer and its supporting hardware. The Fh-98a is widely popular with smaller militaries and private military contractor businesses for both its durability and versatility.


Below is a list of the nations that use the KM Fh-98 Garif DP-ECR.

  • Alltaari Democratic Confederacy
  • Covenant of Edom
  • Empire of Gaennan
  • Ionian League

Figure 2 – KM AR-98 Garif Individual Weapon System (IWS), Combined Alltaari Army – Full View

Figure 3 – Fh-98 Garif Individual Combat Weapon Platform (ICWP), Ionian Army – Full View


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