Kozane dō-class Canon

Authors: Pharthan
TypeHeavy Cruiser
Operational Data
  • 262 Federal Navy
  • 188 Expeditionary Corps
  • 42 Commonwealth Guard
  • 6 Halcyon Arms

2,623,104 Tons

Compliment618 (42 Officers, 368 Enlisted, 80 Marines)
Propulsion Train

x3 Asimov ACHR-B6 Fusion Engine Dual-Clusters
x3 Halcyon-Asimov CH2HA-MAG Drive

FTL Cruise Speed: 0.68 LY/Hr
FTL Max Speed: 1.27 LY/Hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.23c
Boost Max Speed: 0.45c
Sublight Combat Speed: 76,000 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Speed: 483,000 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 26.20 G
Sensors and Processing Systems
  • Janus Mk-10CH Artificial Intelligence Thoth Command, Control, Communications Suite, Upgraded
  • Janus-Halcyon Comprehensive Active GRADAR+ Suite
Electronics Warfare and Decoys
  • 40 Halcyon Industries "Nightlight" Decoys
  • 120 Halcyon Industries "Firefly" Close-in-Decoys
  • Amaterasu Type 01-CH Electronic Warfare Suite
  • Benzaiten Type 05C-CH Suite
  • 4 Torpedo Launchers
    • 5 Torpedoes/Tube
  • 44 Standard Missile Launchers
    • 40 Missiles/Launcher
  • 24 Ultralight Missile Launchers
    • 20 Missiles/Launcher
  • 4 Turreted Quad-Mass Drivers, 229mm
  • 14 Point Defense Lasers, 3cm
  • 100 Defense Missile Launchers
    • 20 Missiles/Launcher


Support Craft

12 Dropships


The Kozane dō-class Heavy Cruiser, designed and built by the megacorporation Halcyon Industries for use in the Threshold’s primary space force; the Federal Navy.  The vessel is primarily designed to engage much larger targets from a distance with it’s hefty missile and torpedo compliment, only using guns as a last-ditch defense. The Kozane dō is a newer vessel, replacing older, more aging craft steadily. The cruiser is the smallest vessel in the Threshold fleet considered suited for combat against super-dreadnoughts.

FIGURE 1 – Standard Kozane dō-class Heavy Cruiser Full View


Following an aging line of cruisers, the Threshold sought out a replacement that could not only fend off other similarly sized ships but could make a dreadnought think twice about invading space with a single cruiser of Threshold’s. With the Lodestar-class already fully in use and advertising that the Threshold did not trust the Coalition by any means, Threshold decided to mount torpedoes on their new cruiser class. In addition to making it heavily armored for a ship of its size, the  Kozane dō has an impressive sensory suite to ensure it is adequately prepared for all ranges of battle.


As a relatively new vessel, the Kozane dō is largely untested and has been used more as a parade-ship and border patrol vessel. It is often a command-and-control ship for groups of destroyers, and may easily be the largest vessel in any given system at a time, especially in far-flung Threshold worlds nowhere near a termini or prefecture-capitol.


While not prioritizing guns nearly as much as smaller ships, the Kozane dō-line focuses on armor placement and skill of the captain. It utilizes a full-forward firing configuration, allowing for all batteries to be brought to bear against targets in front of the vessel, with exception of Main Battery 3, which cannot fire directly forward as the torpedo-bays are in the way. This design allows for prolonged gun combat, should it be able to position itself such that it is not being flanked, as incoming rounds are unlikely to hit the broadside of the ship, and instead hit angled armor. For this reason, in large battles, it wishes to use the cruisers in pairs or to give the cruisers escorts.

Ideally, the Kozane dō was meant for much more ranged combat, to prevent it from needlessly exposing its broadside to enemy kinetic-weaponry, instead focusing on missile-based combat and acting as fast-torpedo boats to dart around celestial bodies, hide among asteroids, and perform hit-and-run attacks in support of larger battleships and dreadnoughts.

For its size, the Kozane dō has a relatively large engineering section, supporting three main engineering units, each with two main sublight engines clusters in addition to their MAG-drives.

In addition to the heavy armor, the cruiser was designed as a main support-vessel for Expeditionary ventures and prolonged war-time loitering, allowing it to remain on-station with the potential for ambushing large dreadnoughts. To achieve this, the Kozane dō has a large number of radiative heat-transfer panels, allowing it to circumvent needing to enter planetary atmosphere. The large diamond-shaped sections are placed all around the ship.