M45 Peregrine

Authors: Daniel Elvidge
TypeAll-Terrain Utility Vehicle
Length5 meters
Width2 meters
Height2 meters
Compliment1 Driver, 1 Gunner, 1 to 4 Passengers (on Variant)
Propulsion Train
  • Forest Motors C48T PEMFC engine
  • Forest Electric Type- III Battery
Sensors and Processing Systems
  • Eagle Computing Watchtower Model VIS Battle Management Intelligence and Communication Software 
  • Birdseye Model II Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite
Electronics Warfare and Decoys
  • Forest Electric/ Eagle Computing Greenlight type II electronic intelligence collector and blocker


1 × M9A2 12mm machine gun (pintle mount)

1 × M8 8mm machine gun

Air Defence

1x M24 Missile Launcher 

1x M8 8mm machine gun


1x M8 8mm machine gun


1x M302 Heavy Mortar Launcher

2x M8 8mm machine gun

Fire Support

1x M12A2 40mm grenade launcher

1x M8 8mm machine gun

  • Templeman Electronics SB-9c series 6 KW Gravity Barrier
  • x6 MK6 Mission Air Burst Canisters (Anti-Infantry, Riot Control, Anti-Missile, Smoke)
Speed and Acceleration
Top Speed: 90 mph
Cruise Speed: 60 mph


The M45 Peregrine is a series of All-Terrain Utility Vehicles currently produced by Forest Motors. The vehicle a deep battlespace reconnaissance, rapid assault and fire support vehicles. First entering service with the Black Eagles Security Services Intervention Command’s Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC) in 3251. It was developed on NEST as the primary reconnaissance utility vehicle for the RRC and Black Eagle Security Services with the vehicle later being adopted for the newly created Templeman Defence Force.


The vehicle was originally ordered in 3248 to meet an need for a agile, well-armed, light patrol vehicle, which had been seen as a major lacking in the BESS vehicle fleet. With the only existing vehicles being lightly armoured and armed. A design committee was established (Committee of Next Vehicles) with the mandate to provide BESS with a series of light vehicles for use by BESS rapid reaction forces. Some of the vehicles to come out of the Committee would be the  M92 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Hound Reconnaissance Car, Sabra Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Tiger Tank Destroyer and the T-455.

The T-455 would be manufactured by NESS Light Industries with the vehicle officially adopted as the M45 “Peregrine”. By 3249 with the vehicle being announced to the public, and the first production units arriving with forward units by early 3250.The M45 would have two main variants, the 4×4 light and the 6×6 heavy, with the heavy being able to mount heavier weapons and more space allowing for later development. With the complete adoption of the M45 within BESS by 3255. Otherwise theses variants are similar and use the same components between themselves. With both variants able to be easily air portable both internally or externally by large military or civilian transports and can even be carried externally by light aircraft with the ability to be orbitally dropped from a passing starship. After exiting the aircraft or orbital pod, the vehicle is ready for battle in less than one minute.

The M45 would have a long service life with small and often upgrades to the vehicle with the additional of different configuration for the vehicle. With northing major being requested till The Akrian-Bravian War (3384-86) review in 3390. BESS’s Procurement Command announced a contract to Forest Motors to upgrade the M45. With upgrades to improve protection against anti-armour mines and man portable missiles, which have been the cause of many vehicle deaths in the conflict.  The improvements will extend the service of the vehicles up to 2445 with a boost to crew protection.

The upgrades include a new and more powerful engine in the form of a G3T PEMFC engine, increased armour protection with diamond layered armour. The M45 would mount a Greenlight type II electronic intelligence collector and blocker blister, improved fire control with the Watchtower model VIS battle management intelligence and communication software, improved thermal, day, low-light sights, lock detector system. The weight of the vehicle would increase from 4 metric tons to 6 metric tons.

With the introduction of the Marcus Reforms in 3414 and the streamlining of Arkian Private Corporations BESS have started to either upgrade the existing M45s again to deal with the national threats that they are now responsible for or to go looking for a replacement. As such a committee (Committee of Next Generation Equipment) has been established to decide on this matter as of 3418 there has been no decision on the M45.



The M45 is powered by a Motors C48T PEMFC engine engine developing 300 horsepower. All variants of the M45 are fitted with a modern orbital stock absorption system (OSAS) for the extreme stress caused upon touch down by orbital entry/air drop. With up to 70% of the Peregrines automotive components, including engine and power train, are commercially available making the M45 easy to adapt. The M45 has a selectable 4×2 or 4×4 configuration with a independent suspension system. It can be fitted with a self-recovery winch, and fitted as standard a drive adaptive nano-matrix ,which is able to adjust the relative resistance of the tire to terrain. 


The basic armour of the M50, consists of a diamond ceramic amour which provides all-round protection against that of small arms. With an appliqué amour that can be added, with a rated protection against 20mm mass diver heavy calibre rounds and shaped charges. 

The M50 can be fitted with a nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) filtration system accompanied with a chemical detector and radiation detector systems. The M50 was designed to produce a very low and very compact structure to minimize radar and IR-signatures. The M50 also uses heat-absorbing filters to provide protection against thermal imaging (TIS), image intensifiers and infrared cameras (IRC).


The M50 has multiple configurations, allowing for rapid reconfiguration in the field to meet varied mission requirements. The M45 has a central weapon ring rotates through 360 degreed, capable of mounting a variety of weapons systems. It can be armed with M9A2 12mm machine gun, M12A2 40mm grenade launcher or alternatively a M24 Missile Launcher. There is additional integral mounts in the doors to mount M8 8mm machine guns


The M45 is equipped with a daytime optical Thermal Imaging System (TIS)  an Image Intensification sight. The M45 is equipped with a Watchtower Model VIS Battle Management Intelligence and Communication to assist in navigation and with a Birdseye Model II Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite for target location tasks.


  • M45 Heavy; 6×6 Peregrine with all the same variants as the Light
  • Command and Control (CinC)-Standard M45 equipped for command offices fitted with a MK 23 command system
  • Cargo (C)- Removal of the turret ring and the mounting of a flat bed
  • Air-Defence-  Fitting of M24 Missile Launcher and Keyspace radar
  • Ambulance- Removal of the turret ring
  • Transport- Standard M45
  • Assault- Up armoured M45 mounted with a M302 Heavy Mortar Launcher
  • Gun Tractor- Up engined M45 
  • Communication- Hardtop M45 fitted with a high powered GR- Babel communication dish
  • Electronics Warfare- Hardtop M45 fitted with a Cybernight Cyber warfare suite
  • Drone Control- Hardtop fitted with a Piper control suite
  • Heavy Action- 6×6 mounted with a M140 30mm chain gun
  • Recovery- M45 fitted with recovery equipment