Military of the Bertaeyn Federation

Authors: Guillaume


The Bertaeyn Federation Defense Force ( BFDF ) , is the military force of the Bertaeyn Federation charged of the defense of its systems and the protection of his interests. It includes four main components (Army, Navy, Marine corps and Gendarmerie ). Relatively small but very well equipped and trained , they can rely on a formidable logistical base and a powerful industry. The main task of BFDF is to train , organize and deploy military forces in the Federation and abroad , while maintaining the long-term ability to defend the entire federation in case of conflict .





Adhering to the concept of total defense, the Federation’s strategy rests on two principles:
– The resolute defense: avoiding decapitation, counter-attack, save time and space,
– The credible deterrence: Joint Task performance, ability to pay innaceptable cost to the enemy.
If the need arises, the armed forces must be fully mobilized and within two weeks. The economy must also be converted “rapidly” in total war economy.
Territorial defense remains the priority of the federation, its projections capabilities are quite limited outside the protection of his trade routes. It are not less active on the galactic scene. They thus work closely with a number of ‘foreign nations through joint exercises or international operations (against piracy, logistical support, medical support, reconstruction, education, policing). Partnerships have also been initiated with other nations to increase the capacity for joint action.


The Bertaeyn Federation Defense Forces  is divided into four main branches:


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The Bertaeyn Federation Army is the main atmospheric warfare arm of the Bertaeyn Federation Defense Force. It is the most important branch in terms of numbers. Relatively small compared to its potential opponents, the Bertaeyn Army is nevertheless well trained and equipped in quantities of weapons systems and modern, sophisticated and well maintained equipment. With a high degree of availability for a force whose conscription remains one of the pillars, the Federal Army Bertaeyn also benefits from the support of a well equipped and extended Home guard. Robust in constitution, Bertaeyn soldier benefits from gene therapies. The army, through sports clubs or associations (cadets…) is also very involved in civil society and encourages physical culture. In peacetime, most of the military needs being handled (provided by the Navy and the Marine Corps), the Army’s strength is greatly reduced. Its activity is then mainly focused on training.


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The Bertaeyn Navy is the space warfare arm of the Bertaeyn Federation Defense Force. Having risen again to a second tier navy in recent decades, the Navy has been equipped with recent, fast and often heavily armed starships. The Bertaeyn Navy is also one of the most modern in the galaxy. It compensates for its relative small size by having technical operational availability and a high standard of training of its crews. Its budget is at the forefront of the BFDF. However, its ranks are second only in terms of manpower behind the Federal Army. Although practically autonomous, the Marine Corps is administratively dependent on the Federal Navy. In wartime, the forces of the Space Gendarmerie (System Guard) reporting the Federal Ministry of the Interior are under the command of the Federal Navy. 


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In addition, reserve elements consist of the :


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Further to the war against the Republic free of Veridia, the military industrial complex from the Federation was dismantled.

The release of the civil war a few years later lives the beginning of a rearmament of the Federation, at first modest, the immense part of the armament of the new armed forces being of foreign origin; the industry of the armament concentrated at the beginning on the licensed production of the new armaments. Decade later appeared the first military armaments Bertaeyn, stemming from their own channels of engineering.

The military industrial complex Bertaeyn since gradually asserted itself as one of the leaders of the armament. This one can lean on an industrial and technological base of solid and active defense in most of the domains. Power complet and innovative, he indeed masters the design and the mass production of the whole specter of the modern armaments.

The strategic independence of the Federation can be so insured, even if in practice it still provides itself abroad for certain high technologies. By marigolds of rationality, it is indeed involved in of numerous joint-venture. Not trying to develop at all costs and systematically the materials which it needs, it also continues to produce some equipment under licenses (engines, missiles), what allows the Federation to make substantial savings while remaining widely autonomous.


The military technology of the Federation is mainly conceived as an effective combination of innovation and reliability. Conscious of its limits, it try to exploit at best its resources and average human beings.

Vessels and vehicles are generally designed according to a logic of generic platform. These serve as basis then declined in various variants. This standardization of the materials is intended to reduce costs of production and maintenance but also to obtain a strong degree of logistic coherence by improving the management of the spare parts. Conceived in a modular way, the defective elements must be able to be replaced for the relatively short reprieve, this to return the maintenance easier and to increase their Operational Technical Availability. The objective is also to facilitate the repair thanks the salvage of the weapon systems out of order or damaged in case of difficulties of supply.

The development of weapons systems follows generally the evolutionary concept according to experience feedback and technological evolutions.
After all, if the materials of the Federation are not still so advanced as those of the other nations, they are often considered as their excellent reliability and allow the Federation to maintain a good ratio quality / quantity.


Still marked by the war against the Coalition of Independent Systems, the Federation quite particularly strengthened the defenses of its star systems. Those this are constitute  of fields of mines and space stations of various sizes.

They have to delay the enemy enough time in order the army and the industry can be totally mobilized and allow an effective defense until the allies intervene.

A significant number of permanent fortifications have been established on the planets of the Federation to hamper as far as possible an invasion. If some are visible like  the heavy AA batteries, a large part of them are profoundly buried. Sometimes very vast, they include deposits of materials, ammunitions, factories, underground air bases, etc. Thus it is planned that if an enemy nation had to invade a planet of the federation, it should make him for an enormous price, a part of the army barricading in fortresses which it would be difficult to take.

To protect as far as possible the civilian populations, a large number of underground complex and shelters were also built. Sometimes comparable to real cities, some of them are auto self-sufficient. We can find hospitals, centers of command there intended to pursue the working of the governmentt in case of emergency. The federation emphasized finally quite particularly the redundancy and the hardening of the vital infrastructures (energy, telecommunications).