Morrigan Class Canon

Authors: Hydrofoil
TypeFleet Cruiser

United Star Commonwealth Federal Navy




4,002,668 million tonnes

Compliment700 Crewmen + 50 Marines + 250 Combat Droids (Deactivated)
Propulsion Train

4x Hypernautics P-400 Series 5 Magneto-Plasma Cowled Fusion Drive

8x Hypernautics P-120 Series 3 Magneto-Plasma Cowled Fusion Drive

Radiant Mk4 Directional Thruster System

KDY Drives MAG300 Advanced MAG Drive Assembly

FTL Cruise Speed: 2.74LY/Hr
FTL Max Speed: 5.56 LY/Hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.315c
Boost Max Speed: 0.546c
Sublight Combat Speed: 357KM/HR
Sublight Max Speed: 1,403KM/Hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 3.45g
Sensors and Processing Systems

Clarendon Arms Mk 7 Aegis-80 RADAR System.

Farsight Mk10 Multidirectional Enhanced GRADAR

Tanmouth & Geridan Thermal Receptor System

Mk7 Acolyte MCPU grid

Osirus-9000 AI Server Dock (Advanced Combat A.I)

Electronics Warfare and Decoys

Yung-Star Watchman-150 EWAR Package


2x KDY Arms Goliath Mk2 Torpedo Tubes

10x 600mmx2 Orion Anti-capital Particle Accelerators Turrets

20x 120mm Spacial Energy Accelerator Rifle Turrets 

Ranger Intergrated CWIS System

10x Hawkeye Mk5e Heavy Missile Vertical Launch Systems

20x Raptor MK2 Stardard Verticle Missile Launcher Systems


5x Dwent Co. Etherial Shield Projection Systems

Dwent Co. Shield Hardening Booster and Staggering Matrix

3.12m Ferrocite Carbon Duranium Alloy (Medium Armour)

Support Craft

2x Bask Class Shuttles 

4x Kola Class Medium Dropships (Armed)


The Morrigan class Fleet cruiser is the mainstay of the United Star Commonwealth Federal Navy, designed by Geridian Driveworks based on the Pattern 34e Hull Design to be a tough hard hitting vessel that can stand its ground against any vessel of the same class. The Morrigan, however, excels in pack tactics meaning that you will very rarely see one Morrigan Class cruiser out on patrol. The Morrigan is the successor of the Xiander Class Cruiser, designed to with the idea of being a much heavier weapons platform that the Xiander the Morrigan sees an additional meter of armour along with additional Particle Beam canons and the latest in EWAR and shield systems giving the Morrigan much greater survivability options over its Predecessor. On top of that, the Morrigan also houses an AI dock allowing much greater integration between the Captains AI and the whole of the Morrigan class vessel.

Relevant Document – Morrigan Class Specifications

Development History

The Morrigan Class Fleet Cruiser was first designed in the last few years of the century, it quickly became the poster ship of the United Star Commonwealths massive naval overhaul and modernisation program. It was toted as the ship to keep the Commonwealth secure for centuries to come. The Morrigan was based on the Pattern 34e Hull Design a commission from the United Star Commonwealth Navy as part of a plan to create a much more interchangeable navy decreasing its need to stock parts for individual ships classes. A further three designs where made were conceptualised from the hull the Harpy Class, Paragon Class and the Tripador Class however only the Harpy Class and the Paragon Class were accepted by the USC Navy.

It was hoped that the Morrigan class would become a pivotal deterrent against the Bravian Commonwealth, buy creating a top of the line cruiser capable of surviving the favoured alpha strike tactics of the Bravians and replying in kind. Whilst this was a major inspiration for the class the USC was also in dire need of a new Patrol vessel to protect its expanding borders, with the colonisation of Symians Verge the USC Navy had quickly found out that it’s Ageing Xiander Cruisers and Harris Class Frigates were not quick enough or had the range to patrol the new colony worlds effectively.

This meant that the Morrigan required much thicker armour and shielding but also was required to hold the supplies required for longer range journeys and longer deployments. At least until the USC built up its Naval Infrastructure within its new territories. The combination of requirements gave birth to a design that would be over 200 meters larger than its predecessor (mainly to house the new larger powerplant and engine nacelles). The extra hull and power generation also allowed for extra shield generators to be fitted, an extra 3 shield systems were installed along with extra heavy particle accelerators and verticle missile tubes, giving the Morrigan an excellent long-range combat rating along with excellent survivability in close range combat.

Geridian Driveworks were the contractors selected to begin production of the new Morrigan class vessels, their impressive orbital shipyards over the Planet Thompson provided the Navy with a solution to produce multiple Morrigan class vessels at one time meaning more would become available as soon as possible. Initially Geridian completed one Morrigan class as a prototype vessel handing it over to the Navy in 3401 before laying down an extra three after the first had completed its trials earlier that year and the Navy approved the construction of a further 70 vessels with the plan to eventually replace and increase the number of Ship of the line Cruisers in Service.


The Morrigan is much heavier than its predecessor, designed to sport a reinforced inner hull and thicker armour plating. Early on it was decided by the designers at Geridian Driveworks that the class of ship would require the means to last in a prolonged engagement. Being required to be a patrol vessel on the edges of USC space meant that sometimes they would operate on their own away from backup. This more defensive principle of shipbuilding lead to the inclusion of a larger fusion reactor to power the three extra shield arrays extra engines.

On top of this, the Designers at Geridian opted to use the latest in Armour plating technology at the time. Instead of the layered Carbon Fibre Duranium lattice, the Morrigan was layered with an extra ferrocite alloy that increased the effectiveness of the armour against kinetic and thermal weapons with very little addition to the already extensive weight of the ship. 

The Morrigan Class Cruiser sports 10 600mm dual turreted particle accelerator beam cannons as its main offensive anti-capital ship weaponry. 3 more than any other comparable class of ship in the Commonwealths arsenal. These turrets are placed strategically over the Morrigan’s hull to allow it to bring a significant number of its heavy weapons to bear on a target at any angle.

On top of the 10 main anti-capital weapons the Morrigan sports 20 medium to short range SEAR Turrets, placed in groups over its hull capable of firing 20 high yield energy rounds a minute, allowing a single Morrigan to fill the void between it and its enemy with a withering barrage of energy weapons fire.

To complement its already considerable direct fire capabilities the Morrigan class also sports 10 Halcion Launch Systems Hawkeye Mk5e Heavy Missile VLS Systems, As well as 20 Raptor MK2 Standard Vertical Missile Launcher and 2 Torpedo tubes placed at the front of the vessel. Combined the weapon systems afford the Morrigan class true flexibility allowing to engage at extreme distances and brawl in close distances with anyone daring enough to engage one.

Whilst the Morrigan Cruiser sports some impressive offensive Armarment it also sports many support systems that also increase its combat ratings. The Morrigan class cruiser is the first of the USCs next generation of warship to field the Yung-Star Watchman-150 EWAR Package a complete suite of ECM, ECCM and other countermeasures designed to blind and impair the enemies abilities to lock on and engage a Morrigan class vessel. 

To bolster its EWAR package the Morrigan also sports an impressive array of sensor equipment including some of the highest rated RADAR and GRADAR detection tools and a new AI dock allowing a never before seen integration between the Shipboard AI and the vessel itself.

Extreme care and attention was put into making the Morrigan a well-rounded vessel capable of surviving in the harsh edges of USC space, however where the vessel excels is in small group tactical engagements where the versatility of the Morrigans really shine.

Whilst the Morrigan is designed to be a ship of the line, it can be also configured to be an impromptu orbital assault vehicle capable of deploying a Battalion sized ground force onto the ground either by orbital insertion pods or the Kola Class Assault Dropships it carries in a concealed hangar under the front of the ship.

Operational History

The First Morrigan Class vessel (USCS Morrigan) first entered space trails in September of 3400 after being under construction for just under 3 years. Early on it was observed that the Morrigan’s Energy reactors were not up to the job of supporting its extensive shield emitters that the Morrigan possessed. Despite this issue, the Admiralty pressed the vessel into service with the aim to upgrade the Morrigan’s Reactor systems as soon as possible.

The first Morrigan class entered official service in the 7th Fleet based on the Bravian Border with the Commonwealth, where it served its tour without incident. Upon finishing its tour the USCS Morrigan returned to the dry docks above Thompson for its reactor refits where it spent the next year undergoing extensive engineering restructure. The Lessons learned on the Morrigan would be implemented in the later Morrigan vessels as well as future designs that were part of the Navies Regeneration and expansion program.

In 3407 the USCS Yaotaka suffered an electrical buffer glitch in its main weapons energy relays during a practice exercise within Symians Verge near the planet of Okani. The Incident resulted in the deaths of 5 crewmen. The issue forced the Navy to order a limit be placed on the power output of the Morrigan class Orion Particle Beam Weapons in hopes that would protect serving men and women from it ever happening again.

Ships of the Line

  • CS – 271 USCS Morrigan  – First Production Vessel
  • CS – 301 USCS Yaotaka
  • CS – 302 USCS Howitzer