Planets within the United Star Commonwealth

Authors: Hydrofoil


This page contains a complete list of all the Member worlds, Colonies and Outposts of the United Star Commonwealth. Including their name, type of government, ruling government, population, capital and star. Recently the Commonwealth has been expanding its influence into regions both known and unknown as well as expanding into the unknown reaches.

United Star Commonwealth

Common Name Government Ruler Population(est) Capital Orbits

Geridian Rift

Thompson (Capital) [Termini] Representative Democracy The Galadonian Democratic Alliance 30 Billion Galadan
Xander Representative Democracy Xander Commonwealth 12 Billion Vermat
Harrington Direct Democracy Harrington Alliance 21 Billion Tamarin
Pheng Athenian Democracy The League 17 Billion Miridian
Le Clerc

Presidential Democracy

Free Socialist Party 10 Billion Ivonia a
Tmorsk Federal Democracy Conservative Party 29 Billion Folker
Mesca Religious Meritocratic Democracy The West League 9.2 billion Assan
Gerrard Parliamentary Democracy Liberal-Conservative Alliance 10.3 billion Farran
Maddison Parliamentary Democracy MIP 2.1 billion Bellastor a
Yeoman Federal Democracy Yeoman Green Workers Party 1.8 billion Puller Minor
Christan Corporate League Mansfield Mining Corp 512 million Puller Major
Kirkman Presidential Democracy Unionist Party 3.7 billion Lomars Stars
Questers Federal Democracy Free Labour Union 720 million Rigian 389
 Harris Parliamentary Democracy  Harris Union Party 1.2 billion   Rigian 291
Lotus Direct Democracy Lotus Star Party 213 million Rigian 71
 Mai Athenian Democracy United Harmony 72 million  Keller 881
Falkirk Parlimentary Technocratic Democracy United Star Initiative 516 million Albion
Vaddask Corporate Board Mansfield Mining Corp 52 million Mansfield Star
Pricilia 5 Corporate Board Omnifields Ltd 101 million Pricilia
Justinia Corporate Democracy Linus Mining Guild 60 million Pilum
Kazarak Corporate Democracy Craftwise Industries 97 million Kazok’s Star
Pioneer Corporate League Mansfield Mining Corp 34 million Keller 91

Symians Verge

Carmine  (Sector Capital) [Termini] Presidential Democracy Carmine Confederate Party 1.2 billion Gaston
Isika Technocratic Delegate Democracy Isika Founders  91 million Jura
 Seneca Athenian Direct Democracy Senica United Coalition Party 230 million Hyasti
Yormine Elected Democratic Comitee Yormine Workers Party 12 million Kiddingston
Tustrora Elected Colonial Council   532 thousand Trapper-5
Okani  Corporate Council Bede Corporate 720 million Trapper-72
 Adder Elected Colonial Council    1.2 million Trapper-12
Tormund Elected Colonial Council   32 million Deans Star
Yasmine Corporate Council Karmine Mining Corp 1.8 million Karmine
Harradim Elected Colonial Council Johem Colonial Collective 3.6 million Hassar
Georgou Elected Colonial Council   730 million HIP-122001
Farraheim Elected Colonial Council   3.5 million Trapper-39
 Pelios Parlimentary Democracy United Pelios Democractic Party  972 million Pelios
 Farsei Elected Colonial Council   28 million HIP-2231 
Cumbria Parlimentary Democracy  West Green Party 320 milion Penine
Saracorsa Presidential Democracy Saracosian Conservative Party 1.03 billion Saracorsa
Estrala Elected Colonial Council   21 thousand Genai-21
Marske Elected Colonial Council   12 million Trayvor Star
Lottaal Elected Colonial Council   34 million Varos
Merello Constitutional Democracy Farrian Merrello Democratic Alliance 217 million Miklas
Aklaas Elected Colonial Council   81 million Genai-05