Planets within the United Star Commonwealth Canon

Authors: Hydrofoil


This page contains a complete list of all the Member worlds, Colonies and Outposts of the United Star Commonwealth. Including their name, type of government, ruling government, population, capital and star. Recently the Commonwealth has been expanding its influence into regions both known and unknown as well as expanding into the unknown reaches.

United Star Commonwealth

Common Name Government Ruler Population(est) Capital Orbits

Geridian Rift

Thompson (Capital) [Termini] Representative Democracy The Galadonian Democratic Alliance 30 Billion Galadan
Xander Representative Democracy Xander Commonwealth 12 Billion Vermat
Harrington Direct Democracy Harrington Alliance 21 Billion Tamarin
Pheng Athenian Democracy The League 17 Billion Miridian
Le Clerc

Presidential Democracy

Free Socialist Party 10 Billion Ivonia a
Tmorsk Federal Democracy Conservative Party 29 Billion Folker
Mesca Religious Meritocratic Democracy The West League 9.2 billion Assan
Gerrard Parliamentary Democracy Liberal-Conservative Alliance 10.3 billion Farran
Maddison Parliamentary Democracy MIP 2.1 billion Bellastor a
Yeoman Federal Democracy Yeoman Green Workers Party 1.8 billion Puller Minor
Christan Corporate League Mansfield Mining Corp 512 million Puller Major
Kirkman Presidential Democracy Unionist Party 3.7 billion Lomars Stars
Questers Federal Democracy Free Labour Union 720 million Rigian 389
 Harris Parliamentary Democracy  Harris Union Party 1.2 billion   Rigian 291
Lotus Direct Democracy Lotus Star Party 213 million Rigian 71
 Mai Athenian Democracy United Harmony 72 million  Keller 881
Falkirk Parlimentary Technocratic Democracy United Star Initiative 516 million Albion
Vaddask Corporate Board Mansfield Mining Corp 52 million Mansfield Star
Pricilia 5 Corporate Board Omnifields Ltd 101 million Pricilia
Justinia Corporate Democracy Linus Mining Guild 60 million Pilum
Kazarak Corporate Democracy Craftwise Industries 97 million Kazok’s Star
Pioneer Corporate League Mansfield Mining Corp 34 million Keller 91

Symians Verge

Carmine  (Sector Capital) [Termini] Presidential Democracy Carmine Confederate Party 1.2 billion Gaston
Isika Technocratic Delegate Democracy Isika Founders  91 million Jura
 Seneca Athenian Direct Democracy Senica United Coalition Party 230 million Hyasti
Yormine Elected Democratic Comitee Yormine Workers Party 12 million Kiddingston
Tustrora Elected Colonial Council   532 thousand Trapper-5
Okani  Corporate Council Bede Corporate 720 million Trapper-72
 Adder Elected Colonial Council    1.2 million Trapper-12
Tormund Elected Colonial Council   32 million Deans Star
Yasmine Corporate Council Karmine Mining Corp 1.8 million Karmine
Harradim Elected Colonial Council Johem Colonial Collective 3.6 million Hassar
Georgou Elected Colonial Council   730 million HIP-122001
Farraheim Elected Colonial Council   3.5 million Trapper-39
 Pelios Parlimentary Democracy United Pelios Democractic Party  972 million Pelios
 Farsei Elected Colonial Council   28 million HIP-2231 
Cumbria Parlimentary Democracy  West Green Party 320 milion Penine
Saracorsa Presidential Democracy Saracosian Conservative Party 1.03 billion Saracorsa
Estrala Elected Colonial Council   21 thousand Genai-21
Marske Elected Colonial Council   12 million Trayvor Star
Lottaal Elected Colonial Council   34 million Varos
Merello Constitutional Democracy Farrian Merrello Democratic Alliance 217 million Miklas
Aklaas Elected Colonial Council   81 million Genai-05

Major Commonwealth Stations

Geridian Rift

Center Point Station

Center Point Station is the largest station within the United Star Commonwealth, situated at L2 between the Planet of Thompson and its moon. Center Point Station is the first thing any space worth vessel capable of traversing Termini links will see upon exiting back into real space. The Largest space construction the United Star Commonwealth has ever build the station has a radius of 9kms and is 15kms from top to bottom. Made up of one massive central spire with 3 more smaller spires standing next to the main one contained by three circular rings the largest being 1.1 kilometers in height and 3.8 kilometers in width, Center Point station is capable of handling a massive amount of traffic both inbound and out bound.

Port Clayton

Port Clayton is a major military station based along the border between the Bravian Commonwealth and the United Star Commonwealth. The station is made up of three major hubs surrounded by a giant gantry ring that houses various dry docks, gantries and warehouses that are capable of keeping an entire fleet maintained and supplied. The Station currently houses the 2nd Fleet that is tasked with guarding the local systems from any potential Bravian Incursions and acts of piracy.

Port Garroway

Port Garroway is another Major military station in the orbit of Harrington, The station is one of the largest military stations in the United Star Commonwealth and acts as a major fleet basing and shipyard for the USC Navy. Currently, Port Garroway has 27 slipways capable of building vessels of Fleet Carrier size and smaller. Station currently houses the 1st Fleet, currently tasked with keeping the capital sector free from piracy.

Port Ashen

Port Ashen is the second major military station along the Bravian Commonwealth and United Star Commonwealth border, much like its sister station Port Clayton it houses facilities to base an entire fleet out of. At the current moment, Port Ashen does not have a stationed fleet but the 2nd battle group from the 1st fleet is currently basing itself from Port Ashen. The one feature that makes Port Ashen unique, however, is the massive Multi spectrum sensor array that can detect vessels along their FTL trajectory.

Torshan Station 

Torshan station is a Cooper class Orbital habitat that has grown and been built on over its 400 year lifespan, it has changed so much that its original cylinder shape is no longer recognizable. In orbit over the world of Pheng the stations original purpose was to house the elite of Pheng however as more and more industry began moving off-world and into orbit around the world, its was deemed more cost effective to allow the factory workers to live aboard the station rather than ferrying them up and down from the gravity well. Since then the station has grown organically with new parts being built on top of others giving it the mix matched blocky shape it has today. The central cylinder still contains a surface like an environment like spins to keep its gravity unlike the rest of the station which uses artificial gravity.

Novogradis Station

Novogradis Station is a hybrid civilian and military station much like Center Point Station. However broad functionality is where the similarities between the two stations end. Novogradis station is more utilitarian the most USC major stations, stemming from the Novogradian worth ethic. The station holds very little in the way of luxury seeming more like the seedy underbelly of a city on the inside than some of the more gleaming examples of United Star Commonwealth. The station takes function over form as its prime directive giving the station a very practical industrial feel with easy access and exit for inbound and outbound traffic.

Syminans Verge

Syminans Anchorage

The Center Point Station of the Systems verge sector. Syminans Anchorage was the first station build within the Syminans verge sector of space. Whilst nowhere near as large as Center Point Station the station is under constant construction and expansion as the colonies within the sector grow the station has seen a massive uptick in traffic and trade. Syminans Anchorage is also home to the 7th Fleet which is tasked with protecting the sector from any potential Bravian incursions and pirate activities. 

Langdai Station

Langdai Station construction was started 3092 as a private enterprise of the Langdai Stellernautics Enterprises. Build within the Jura system the station is not actually built into the orbit of the Isika the systems primary colony. Instead, the station has been constructed within a dense mineral-rich asteroid patch, half-built within an asteroid the station houses many habitats and zero-g refineries and is a major mining hub for the growing sector.