Ragnarok Defence Base

Authors: Sam Warren


The Last Resort defence for the Federation. Project: Ragnarok, is a Federal Military Service program and plan that calls for the development of a large series of Bases that can be activated and utilised as a last resort safe haven for the Federation.

Ragnarok is made up of 12 Bases split among a randomly generated pattern, most often in mountain ranges and Deep Sea Bases. Each Base of the Ragnarok System is designed with the following assets:

  • Small Airfield – Maximum deployed Force – 6
  • Accommodation – For up to 3 Battalions and Support Units. 
  • Supply and Weapons – All Ragnarok Bases are equipped to provide all soldiers with weapons, Ammo and food for a period of 4 months.
  • Ability to House up to 5,000 Civilians if the need arises.

The Final Feature of Ragnarok Bases is that they are often not listed on any map or are concealed from almost all visual recognition.