Rape of Milenion

Authors: Josh

Trillian - Pagatharan War

Milenion, Trillian Badlands, Ionian Star Cluster
  • Complete destruction of Milenion's population centres and the devastation of its ecosystem.
  • Pagatharan League gain dominion over the Trillian Badlands.
  • Surviving Trillian government official flee to the Ionian League.
  • Trillian Alliance
  • Ionian League (proxy)

Dominion of Pagathar

Defender Leadership
  • Admiral Kletos Pardos
  • Captain Diokles Maheras
Attacker Leadership
  • Admiral Kato Baclarus
Defender Strength
  • 45,567,201 (Trillian Alliance)
  • 2,567 (Ionian League)
Attacker Strength
  • 2,456,342,195
Defender Casualties
  • 39,345,764 (Including civilian casualties)
  • 1,301 (Ionian naval casualties)
Attacker Casualties
  • 2,700


The Rape of Milenion, also known as the Fall of Milenion, Destruction of Milenion or the Burning of Milenion, was a major event during the Ionian Wars and the primary cause of the subsequent Ionian War. 

The Rape of Milenion was directly caused by the Trillian resistance during the Trillian – Pagatharan War. The war had raged for five years, from 3331 to 3336 and had drained the Dominion of Pagathar’s meager economy. In order to bring a quick resolve to the conflict, the Pagatharan High Council ordered the complete destruction of Milenion, hoping for a unconditional surrender from its government and its resistance groups. Admiral Kato Baclarus was given command of the operation as well as three fleet of the Pagatharan Navy.

On the 13th of May 3336 Admiral Baclarus and his three fleets dropped out of FTL in system. The direct attack was unprecedented and caught the meager Milenion Defence Forces unawares. Backed by Ionian merchant transports and lower weight warships the Milenion put up a valiant defence. Yet after ten hours of constant fighting over the planet, the Pagatharan Navy punched through the Milenion defensive line and begun the complete bombardment of the planet. The remaining Ionian and Trillian vessels quickly withdrew from the battlefield and turned their attention to a complete evacuation.

The Rape of Milenion of over 39 billion lives and is considered to be the single most horrific event in Ionian history. The Rape of Milenion eventually spurred on the Ionian War ten days later, in which the Ionian League and Dominion of Pagathar would fight toe to toe across the sector.



Many events in the years immediately preceding the rape of Milenion factor into the horrific event, such as the degradation of the Pagatharan government, the Pagatharan Civil War and the subsequent secession of the Trillian states, and the Iron Blockade and the subsequent conflict that raged between the Trillian Alliance and the First Dominion of Pagathar between 3331 and 3336. 

For the last century of the Pagatharan League, the Trillian Worlds had suffered under the iron fist of the Pagatharan Exarchate, bled dry to finance the high living of the Pagatharan elite. When the civil war broke out in 3314, the Trillian Worlds jumped at the opportunity to seceded. Establishing the loose military coalition of the Trillian Alliance. In the wake of its secession the Pagatharan League deployed a number of fleets in the region in order to bring it back into line. Fighting scarred the worlds of the Trillian Badlands until 3317, when the old Exarchate was abolished. Branded traitors to the new regime, former Pagatharan Loyalists fled across the borders into the Trillian Alliance, giving the fledgling alliance the necessary manpower it so desperately needed.

The peace that was expected to follow the downfall of the Pagatharan League did not come. Now Lord-Exarch, Dosithios Maragos could not support his new nation without the resources of the Trillian Badlands. Thus, in 3325 he established the Iron Blockade, blockading the few ftl routes in or out of the Trillian Badlands in a desperate attempt to starve them out and force their capitulation. It did not come. Sympathetic of their neighbour’s plight, the Ionian League had established secret ftl-routes into the Trillian Badlands to transport much needed relief.

Desperate and running out of options, Lord-Exarch Dosithios Maragos launched a complete invasion of the Trillian Badlands, cutting a swath through the region. The largely underfunded and under equipped Trillian Defence Force attempted to make a number of valiant defences in the burgeoning years of the conflict, yet it was clear that they were no match for the Pagatharan Navy toe to toe, thus Admiral Kleitos Pardos began a hit and run campaign, establishing resistance cells on Pagatharan occupied worlds. After six years of constant warfare, the Dominion of Pagathara could not afford to drag the conflict out any longer, thus drastic measures had to be taken. On the 10th of May 3336 Lord-Exarch Maragos gave the order for the complete devastation of Milenion, the capital world of the Trillian Alliance, in the hopes of once again forcing a complete capitulation.

Battle of Milenion

On the 13th of May 3336 Admiral Baclarus and his three fleets dropped out of FTL in system. Their arrival was unprecedented and completely unexpected, catching the Trillian Defence Force completely unaware. Numbering only 85 warships the Milenion Defence Fleet arrayed themselves for battle, assisted by a meager fleet of Ionian warships tasked with escorting relief transports. The Milenion Defence Fleet, commanded by Admiral Kleto Pardos and the Ionian defence picket commanded by the young Captain Diokles Maheras prepared for the coming engagement.

Admiral Baclarus used Milenion’s larger moon to shadow his advance, launching his fighters during the initial stages of the battle. Fighter and bomber squadrons played havoc with the Ionian and Trillian point defences, leading them on cat and mouse chases. Though Pagatharan pilot casualties were high they managed to score numerous critical hits on poorly shielded Trillian vessels, knocking a number of them out of action. By the time Admiral Baclarus crested Milenion’s moon the Trillian defence line was in complete disarray. Admiral Baclarus’ goal was not the complete destruction of the Trillian fleet, instead it was to punch a hole big enough for his vessels to move through straight to Milenion’s lower atmosphere. Outnumbered and outgunned the Milenion defence fleet put up a valiant final stand. In one instant Admiral Kleto Pardos’ own cruiser went toe to toe with that of Admiral Baclarus, only to suffer catastrophic systems failure. Admiral Pardos was among the few to survive, evacuating his ship via an escape pod.

Captain Maheras and his defense picket held out better than the Trillian warships, yet even so his vessels were hardly enough to withstand the full barrage of three fully equipped fleets. His fleet of frigates, corvettes and cutters ran rings around the Pagatharan warships, yet they could do little else except provide a defensive screen for the Trillian fleet.

After ten hours of bitter bloody fighting, Admiral Baclarus and his fleets finally managed to punch a hole big enough for them to push through straight to the planet. Though the Trillian fleet continued to put up a vain defence, Admiral Baclarus and his warships began their bombardment of the planet, targeting major population centres. Captain Maheras managed to rescue Admiral Pardos whilst the Pagatharan vessel busied themselves with Milenion.

Planetary Evacuation

With Milenion aflame, Captain Maheras and Admiral Pardos made the immediate decision to evacuate as many civilians from the planet as possible. Crippled warships and Ionian transport vessels did all they could for the populous of Milenion, yet in the end they only managed to fully evacuate a small percentage of Milenion’s overall populous before the situation became too hot. Crippled and overloaded with refugees the remnants of the Trillian and Ionian fleets limped back to Ionian space, dogged by Pagatharan fighter pickets all the way.


The Rape of Milenion is among the most significant events in Ionian history. In the wake of Milenion’s destruction the Ionian League declared war upon the Dominion of Pagathar leading to one of the largest and most bloody conflicts in Ionian history; the Ionian War. The fall of Milenion left thousands of refugees in its wake, all of which began to spill into the Ionian League. In dedication to the countless billions that lost their lives during the closing hours of that fateful battle a monument was erected in the Parliamentry Plaza of Idithos; the Tower of Names. Upon it is inscribed the name of every resident of Milenion on record.