Renown-Class Heavy Battlecruiser Core

Authors: Josheua
TypeHeavy Battlecruiser
Operational Data
  • Intersystem Alliance Navy
  • Threshold of Hadrian Navy
  • x30 Intersystem Alliance Navy
  • x3 Threshold of Hadrian Navy

49,409,000 Tons

Length2,352m (7,717ft)
Width368m (1,207ft)
Height334m (1096ft)
Compliment3,440 (340 Officers, 3100 Enlisted)
Propulsion Train
  • x8 Armstrong BCH-1-1000MT Fusion Engines
  • x4 Armstrong BCH-1-LL-1000MT Ion Engines
  • x1 Armstrong BCH-NEX Primary MAG Drive
  • x1 Armstrong BCH-NEX-A Auxillary MAG Drive
  • x4 Armstrong BCH-F-NEX Fusion Reactors - 2TW Rating
  • x2 Armstrong DMR-BCH-NEX Dark Matter Reactor - 100TW Rating
FTL Cruise Speed: 0.59 LY/Hr
FTL Max Speed: 1.3 LY/Hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.23c
Boost Max Speed: 0.36c
Sublight Combat Speed: 65,000 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Speed: 375,000 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 18G
Sensors and Processing Systems
  • x3 Renaud Catalyst Series Artificial Intelligences
  • Vault Computing PHALANX Combat, Control, Communications Suite 
Electronics Warfare and Decoys
  • Vault Computing PHALANX Combat, Control, Communications Suite
  • 120x Armstrong CTD-BCH-NEX "Specter" Complex Tactical Decoy
  • 2x Armstrong HMD-8500mm/115 Mk 1 8500mm Kinetic Rifle
  • 4x Armstrong HMD-4500mm/35 Mk. 5 4500mm Quad Kinetic Rifles
  • 10x Armstrong MMD-950mm/35 Mk. 8 950mm Quad Kinetic Rifles
  • 18x Armstrong MD-155-MP Quad 155mm Multiple Purpose Turret
  • x4 Renaud TL-NEX-1 Torpedo Launcher 
  • 56 Renaud CL-44D Cruise Missile Launcher
  • 96x Renaud LM-5X Light Missile Launcher
  • Armstrong BCH-20TW Shield Grid
  • 100x Armstrong PL-1CM-MP Particle Beam Project CIWS
  • 392x Renaud UL-28A Ultra-Light Missile Launchers
  • 5,000x Active Laser Blinders
Support Craft
  • 2x Dagger-Class Corvettes
  • 30x Warhawk Dropships
  • Other Small Craft


The Renown-Class Heavy Battlecruiser is the epitome of the Alliance capital ship. Built as the centerpiece of Vice Admiral Jonathan Chamberlain’s Fast Fleet concept, the Renown is unmatched in her marriage of firepower with speed and maneuverability. Featuring a powerful axial armament for ranged engagements against fellow capital ships, fleet ships, or even starbases, Renown is a menace as she closes range. Coupled with a powerful missile armament and brutal gun armament, Renown-class ships are known to be the hammer of offensive operations – favoring mid to close in engagements where her dense missile broadside and powerful guns can decide the outcome.

Figure 1 – BCH-1 ANS RenownFull View


Following the successful integration of the Rapier-Class Corvettes and the Ancile-Class Heavy Frigates into the Alliance’s inventory, the next point of focus for the Alliance Navy under Vice Admiral Chamberlain was the introduction in a new class of capital ships. A frequent study of other Navy’s success, Chamberlain took particular interest in the Kingdom of Eirangard‘s new King Robert-Class Heavy Battlecruisers. The new warships – introduced by the Kingdom in response to their growing campaigns against increasingly hostile and well-armed raiders from the Verge – were capable of speed comparable to previous generation Alliance heavy cruisers. Married with a firepower that exceeded the Alliance’s current EverestClass Heavy Battleships, the King Robert-Class offered a flexibility that Chamberlain was envious of, and one he intended to mimic.

The contract was awarded fairly quickly to Armstrong Heavy Engineering, who had originally built the successful if aging Everest-Class Heavy Battleships. The goal was to develop a ship that could match the speed of the new class of Fleet Cruiser Renaud Industries was developing while still having sufficient protection to engage the latest Heavy Battleships being introduced by the People’s Coalition. The answer came in the way of a “maximum battlecruiser” – pushing the tonnage to the upper end of the Jayne’s Classification Index. The initial design called for a ship art 45 million tons, and further development would see that rise to 49 million tons. This tonnage would give it the firepower it needed, the speed the contract demanded, and the protection required to survive in close range engagements with Heavy Battleships.

Both Armstrong’s Fleet Shipyards in the Citadel System and the Kirkwall Shipyards in Elysium were chosen to construct the ships, but a full year was needed to build the required customized slips for the construction process. Another year of delays were added to the development period as Armstrong came through the design of the massive fusion drives needed to propel the ships, the principle concern being heat dissipation and cooling. By 3404, the Alliance started construction of the first 20 ships, with Renown launching at the end of 3405 and her sister ship, Invincible, at the start of 3406. By 3407 the Alliance had thirty of the capital ships in service through the four main fleets. 


Design requirements for the Renown-Class centered around Admiral Chamberlain’s fast fleet concept. Specifications drawn up called for a tall order from Alliance shipbuilders – marrying advanced firepower with high speed. The choice for the shipbuilder was easy and Armstrong Heavy Industries won the design uncontested.




Interystem Alliance Navy

HevBaCruRon 1 

Assigned to 4th Fleet – Commodore Richard Parker

  • BCH-1 – ANS Renown
  • BCH-2 – ANS Vanguard
  • BCH-3 – ANS Invincible

HevBaCruRon 2

Assigned to 2nd Expeditionary Unit – Commodore Rei Ayuga

  • BCH-4 – ANS Valiant
  • BCH-13 – ANS Lion
  • BCH-6 – ANS Noble

HevBaCruRon 3

Assigned to 2nd Fleet – Commodore Juan Maxwell

  • BCH-7 – ANS Neptune
  • BCH-8 – ANS Saturn
  • BCH-9 – ANS Citadel

HevBaCruRon 4

Assigned to 3rd Fleet – Rear Admiral Amos Thaman 

  • BCH-10 – ANS Rigel
  • BCH-11 – ANS Calypso
  • BCH-12 – ANS Juno

HevBaCruRon 5

Assigned to 1st Fleet – Rear Admiral Jerg Kristoff

  • BCH-14 – ANS Nihono
  • BCH-15 – ANS Preator
  • BCH-16 – ANS Centurion

HevBaCruRon 6

Assigned to 3rd Fleet – Commodore Cayman Okafor

  • BCH-20 – ANS Jupiter
  • BCH-21 – ANS Elysium
  • BCH-22 – ANS Mars

HevBaCruRon 7

Assigned to 1st Fleet – Rear Admiral Titus Govani

  • BCH-23 – ANS Olympia
  • BCH-24 – ANS Cascadia
  • BCH-25 – ANS Cygnus

Figure 2 Kawachi-Subclass – Full View