Royal Family of the Empire

Authors: Ronan


The Royal Family of the Hydrian Imperial Realm can trace its beginnings back to the Late 2600s when the planet Hydriad declared itself as an absolute monarchy after Victor F. Hydranus passed on the planets leadership to his son Robert Hydranus in 2698 AD. Robert Hydranus’s rule was mostly marked by the consolidation of the government around the new monarchy. He glorified the name of his father and put him upon a pedestal in the minds of the people, thus solidifying his legitimacy as the leader of the people. He passed away in 2745 and the crown went to his eldest daughter Leah Hydranus who reigned until her death in 2772, she died with no children and the crown went to her younger brother Matthew B. Hydranus who reorganized the military and strengthened it greatly. Under his rule the nation grew greatly in influence and began to grow closer to Venner. He died in 2789 and his son Robert II built up the star fleet considerably but died before he could see its completion when he broke his neck from falling in 2799. His daughter Shaylee took the thrown and helped create programs to increase the birth rate on the planet. Under her rule Hydriad City grew greatly and became the center of Hydrian society. She died in 2866 and her son Rowan took the throne.

Rowan over the next few years built up his alliance with the Vennerians. He married a Vennerian woman and named his son a Vennerian name, Taen. During the war of Unification Rowan grew old and ill. He slowly lost command of his own mind until he finally died in 2900 AD. His son Taen finished the war but was torn between the Empire and his heritage during the civil war. The Vennerian people rejected him and didn’t think him to be one of their own. To this day he is still seen as Hydrian and not Vennerian. After the war Taen went about attempting to rebuild his empire, he created schools and hospitals and created a single unit of Currency. He died in 2950 and was succeeded by his son Roland. Over the next many years Roland would create greater trading agreements with other Star Nations. He died in 3003 AD and was succeeded by his hot headed son Victor II who got in an “argument” with his brother Roland II. In 3009 AD after years of preparation, Roland II overthrew his brother and had him under house arrest permanently. Although Victor II mysteriously disappeared from his royal estate in 3018. Roland II started a new colonization program that expanded into previously unknown space. Several worlds such as Glendathu and Gan were colonized during this period. Tensions began to rise with the Threshold over trading disputes and the buildup of the Hydrian Military which threatened some areas of the Threshold. Although Roland was able to keep the peace for the time being the two nations still have an icy relationship. Roland II died in 3057 and his son Taen II ascended to the thrown.

Taen II had a very uneventful rule and was only known for completing the New Colonization program. He died early in 3066 AD and his daughter, Maria became queen. During her reign there was social unrest amongst the people of the major worlds of Dracon, Hydriad and Venner as she spent vast sums of money on herself and her favorites. In 3070 it was discovered that a plot was underway to assassinate her and her court. The plotters were arrested, but not executed and they were soon able to escape with the help of sympathetic guards. The queen fled to Hyperion where she surrounded herself by the royal guard. She then married an unpopular business tycoon who was suspected of dealing with the black market. Late one night on an outing with her husband the queens royal vehicle exploded, killing her and her husband. The assassins were said to have been Vennerian Ultra Nationalists but they were executed before the could face trial. So on May 8th, 3088 just days after the queens death her popular cousin Victor III became Emperor. Victor redistributed some of the royal wealth to the people to help suppress the growing resentment to the crown. He also began talks with the Alliance to try to gain a sizable ally. But this would not come to fruition for several more years and definitely not before his death in 3120. Victor IV then came to the thrown with much fanfare as he was known for being very courageous and honorable. He had saved the life of a dozen people in a burning building when he lead them out by literally barreling his way through the rubble. Because of this his face was scared but he was still considered very dashing and handsome. He greatly loved the people and donated much of the royal families wealth to them. Under his reign most of the cities in the empire were modernized and medical facilities were advanced. Upon his death in 3180 over 50 million people came to see his body before its burial.

His son Robert III started his reign in a panic as a neighboring star nation known as the UCP attacked the Hydrian Colonies. After a difficult 2 year war both nations agreed to a ceasefire. Robert was humiliated that he could not defeat the UCP and he modernized the military and increased military spending. He began to glorify the warrior in order to get the people to support the growth of the military and thus the decrease in public spending. He died in 3229 AD and was succeeded by his son Matthew II who in 3255 lead his forces against the UCP in another war which ended in a great victory and much was gained by the war. He had put the UCP in its place and lead his nation to glory which greatly enhanced his public image. He died in 3300 being the longest and oldest reigning monarch of the empire. His son Victor V had a short reign and died in 3303 and his son Michael became Emperor. Michael helped improve the educational system and the economy. He died in 3350 with his son Fredrick taking the thrown. Fredrick in 3380 recreated the empire as a constitutional monarchy which helped improve relationships with the more democratic Alliance. Fredrick died in 3397 and his son Rowan F. Hydranus or Rowan II became the current ruler of the empire.