Stratos Armaments AR-616

Authors: Sam Warren
TypeIndividual Combat Weapon
Place of OriginAstraus Imperium
Service History
In Service3398-Present
Used ByAstraus Imperial Wehrmacht
WarsOperation Broken Crown
Production History
DesignerStratos Armament Design Committee
ManufacturerStratos Armament
No. Built4.6 Billion as of 3417
VariantsSee Below
Weight2.5 Kg
Length34.6 Inches
Munitions8.6mm AP Flechette
ActionElectromagnetic Linear Accelerator
Rate of FireVariable
Muzzle Velocity3,500 m/s
Effective Firing RangeLine-of-Sight
Feed System40 -Round Box Magazine


The AR-616 Individual Combat Weapon System (AR-616 ICWS) is the primary rifle of the Astraus Wehrmacht, used by all services the AR-616 is designed as a Railgun system, one of the more advanced rifles in the Galaxy. It first entered the Wehrmacht in 3398 limited to the RIG’s but has since entered full rollout and use by all Services.

Built around an Electromagnetic Linear Accelerator system it is able to propel the slightly smaller round than the more common 10mm round used by most nations; at almost hypervelocity speeds. 

The AR-616 is designed and manufactured by Stratos Armaments, and is one of the most common military rifles within the Imperium Military.


During the internal conflicts that had plagued the Imperium for almost 6 decades, the Raumgestützte Infanterie-Gruppe (RIG’s) requested an upgrade to its combat arms. While the AR-552 was a functional rifle and was meeting the requirement for the Wehrmacht, the RIG’s wanted something a little lighter and more compact. Many corporations were approached to offer a solution, and many welcomed the challenge. 

Most corporations offered the RIG’s with a similar system to the KM Fh-98 Garif DP-ECR a dual phase coilgun that offered a simple, yet extremely effective option to many militaries of the Galaxy. Stratos Armaments offered a different option, a pure railgun, with a focus on lethality and modularity. 

The First prototype to be tested was designed as a cut-down version, limited to the barrel, a grip, the magazine and a stock with a battery pack attached to the rear of the weapon. During the tests, it fared slightly better than the average, but it wasn’t until the final armor penetration test.

With a new battery placed into the rifle, the tester aimed at a segment of tank armour, and went clean through. It shocked the evaluators. The rifle was able to fire a round through the tank armour, and due to the friction caused a massive thermal plume. what wasn’t revealed to the evaluation team was that the one-shot completely drained the battery, save for two or three combat rounds.

The Evaluation team outlined to the design team from Stratos Armaments that certain changes needed to be made namely:

  1. Enclose the Rifle parts in a body to cover them from the elements.
  2. Allow for variable fire rate or burst shot
  3. Allow for rounds to be hand loaded or size changed on the fly
  4. Allow for easy attachment of additional support systems

Stratos Armaments went to work and as such offered the rifle to the RIG after a further 3-month evaluation and testing phase. Initial roll-out was to the 5th Gruppe of the 3rd Fleet, during their operation against the Righteous Mantle a rebel group that had risen in the Callan Region to the nations east. The RIG’s fell in love with the weapon and requested a full deployment to all forces of the RIG.


The AR-616 is designed to operate on the principles of Electromagnetic acceleration, to fire a ferromagnetic projectile at extreme velocities. While not revolutionary in the galaxy, the AR-616 tries to best use the system almost to the perfect levels of the Technology. The technology has some drawbacks, however, has some problems, such as the battery and magnetic rails being susceptible to EM forces. Along with this the rifle relies upon the replacement of both the magazine and battery, 


The AR-616 comes in many varieties, all are designed around the ability to be used by a single trooper without the support of larger supply lines.


The Kurz is the Short barrel variant of the AR-616, designed with a shorter barrel it is designed specifically designed for CQC and shipboard operations, it is the prefered variant for Special Forces and the RIG.


The Lange is the Long Barrel variant and designed to operate as a Designated Marksmen Rifle in most squads, and is the preferred variant of the Kaiserliche Heer. Along with the increased barrel length, the rifle is often deployed with a larger magazine than the Kurz.


The Burger is a limited release model of the AR-616, that is legal to be purchased by civilians and citizens of the Imperium. It reduces the muzzle velocity to 860m/s and only has a 10 round magazine as standard.