Sufferance Class Battlecruiser

Authors: Ronan

Hydrian Imperial Navy

Hydrian Imperial Defense Force


19 in the Hydrian Imperial Navy

2 in the Hydrian Imperial Navy


40,000,000 tons

Length2552 meters (8372 feet)
Width410 meters (1345 feet)
Height360 meters (1181 feet)
Propulsion Train

Classified and disclosed to the public

FTL Cruise Speed: 1.294 LY/hr
FTL Max Speed: 4.341 LY/hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.42 cc
Boost Max Speed: 0.6 cc
Sublight Combat Speed: 60,000 km/hr
Sublight Max Speed: 360,000 km/hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 28 G
Sensors and Processing Systems

4 Renaud Catalyst Series Artificial Intelligences

Vault Computing PHALANX Combat, Control, Communications Systems

Electronics Warfare and Decoys

Classified and disclosed to the public


2 Armstrong HMD-8500mm/115 Mk 1 8500mm Kinetic Rifle
5 Armstrong HMD-5000mm/35 Mk. 5 5000mm Tri Kinetic Rifles

3 Armstrong HmD-2500mm/35 Mk. 6 2500mm Tri Kinetic Rifles
8 Armstrong MMD-950mm/35 Mk. 8 950mm Tri Kinetic Rifles
20 Armstrong MD-155-MP Quad 155mm Multiple Purpose Turret
8 Renaud TL-NEX-1 Torpedo Launcher
58 Renaud CL-44D Cruise Missile Launcher
100 Renaud LM-5X Light Missile Launcher


Armstrong BCH-20TW Shield Grid
125x Armstrong PL-1CM-MP Particle Beam Project CIWS
420x Renaud UL-28A Ultra-Light Missile Launchers
5,200x Active Laser Blinders

Support Craft

50 Hellfire class fighter bombers and other Starcraft 

2 Leviticus Class Corvettes

50 Helldiver class drop ships



Image art not my own

The Sufferance Class Battlecruiser was created after military technicians traveled to the Interstellar Alliance and saw the superior starships of the Alliance they returned to tell the Empire that their weapons were outdated and were no match for the forces of the galaxy. The Empire began designing the Class in the early 3200s but many delays occurred and the design was constantly updated. Finally the first starship was launched in the late 3200s. By 3405 twenty one ships were launched. They are the backbone of the Empires military force.

The ships of the Sufferance Class in order of construction

HSS Sufferance

HSS Tolerance

HSS Solitude

HSS Hydra

HSS Imperium

HSS Victorious

HSS Magnificence 

HSS Defendant

HSS Pinnacle

HSS Supremacy 

HSS Indispensable 

HSS Victor Hydranus

HSS Molotov 

HSS Vindictive

HSS Glorious

HSS Exalted 

HSS Venerable

HSS Wonder

HSS Honorable

HSS Stupendous

HSS Solitude 

a further five vessels are under construction